March 18, 2007


Questions and Answers

Q. What are chakras?
A. Chakras are energy centers at the front and back of the body, both within and beyond the physical form.
Chakras appear as wheel-like vortices of pure energy, and they are linked by spinning energies.

Q. Why balance chakras?
A. Each chakra holds power that is manifested when that chakra is cleared and balanced. Balancing a weak-link chakra energizes the entire system. And balancing chakras unites the individual soul with the universal soul.

Q. What else does the Reiki Massage Practitioner do to balance chakras?
A. The Practitioner acts as an open and interactive avenue for energy balancing by placing hands over a chakra, at a height that is sensed as having the strongest energy vibrations.

Q. In what manner are the chakras balanced?
A. Coarse, physical energies from the lower chakras are combined with more subtle energies of the upper chakras. A balance is sought from top of the skull and throughout the head, throat, chest, abdomen, pelvis and perineum. The goal is harmony of heavenly and earthly energies.

Q. Why does Reiki Massage focus on chakras and not on other energy centers, such as along meridians?
A. A person’s physiological and psychological well-being is established and maintained by a harmony of the chakras. In Reiki Massage seven energy centers are emphasized for their effectiveness and practicality, being relatively easy to learn and apply. The use of acupressure points and meridian flows is optional in Reiki Massage. As described in the “Benefits” section, chakra-based Reiki Massage works.

Q. Is it necessary for the client to participate in balancing chakras?
A. No. However, the Practitioner and client may visualize a color frequency or other vibrational energy associated with the desired intention or existing conditions; they may also use affirmations.

Q. Is the combined use of affirmations, visualizations, music, sounds of nature and aromas recommended in Reiki Massage?
A. Yes, in addition to touch. What is important is that each component be aligned with the client’s intention. These helpful practices send information to and among: 1) sensory receptors of the physical body, 2) feelings of the emotional body, 3) thoughts of the mental body, 4) personalities or archetype of the spiritual body, and 5) flow of the energetic body.

Q. Where can I learn more about chakras?
A. 1) Brennan, Barbara Ann, "Hands of Light," 1988.
2) Eden, Donna, “Energy Medicine," 1998.
3) Judith, Anodea, “Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System,” 1998.
4) Myss, Caroline and Norm Shealy, M.D., “The Science of Medical Intuition,” 2002.
5) Wills, Pauline, “Colour Therapy: The Use of Colour for Health and Healing,” 1993.


Chakras are described in ancient Indian texts as centers for the reception, assimilation, transformation and transmission of subtle energy. They manage life-force energy, serving as capacitors and resistors.

These energy vortexes are internal and external to our bodies, and they are numerous. In Reiki Massage, focus is on the hand and seven major chakras. The hara or dan tien, which some believe to be the master chakra, is also used for hand positions.

The major chakras are located from the base of the spine to top of the head, anterior and posterior. Although the chakras are presented independently, they all work together. They form a bridge to wholeness of mind-body-spirit relationships, and between heaven and earth.

The crown chakra relates to spiritual quests and living in the present. The lower six chakras are each related to a major nerve plexus and glandular center, and they help regulate the flow of Reiki to different organs of the body.

For Reiki Massage, the meaning of these centers can be described as follows:
Location on the body, corresponding to teachings of western medicine
Anatomical areas and body parts, including skeletal portions, nerve centers, glands and organs
Elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, as described in western and Asian texts
Color in the rainbow light spectrum having a wave length which most influences the chakra
Frequency or rate of vibration, such as earth and red having lower vibrations than upper chakras
Purpose, reason or goal, including the principle function or aim of the energy center
Themes or central issues; attributes common to the chakra
Beliefs or attitudes, rights and values; these form the intellectual basis for one’s mind-set
Quest or premise which is the spiritual basis for mind-set and actions
Mind-set or strong feelings; the manifestation of beliefs and spiritual pursuits
Fears or doubts, worries and suspicions; these are usually related to excesses and deficiencies
Boundary issues or characteristics of too much or too little, manifesting as abnormal limits
Emotions or feelings, based on mind-set and experiences, part of both normal and abnormal behaviors
Excesses or unrestrained behavior, usually from either over stimulated or repressed energy center Deficiencies or extremes, usually from insufficient vibration at the energy vortex
Affirmations or positive statements, spoken silently in the first person, aligned with chakra

Begin at the Root Chakra as a basis for belonging, comfort and trust. This allows for deeper healing of intentions related to chakras of higher frequency.

1st or Root Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Base of the spine, perineum and coccyx; lower hips

Anatomy: Coccygeal plexus, prostate, large intestine, legs and feet

Element: Earth, like a firm rock or grounded plain

Color: Bright red, for energy stimulation, strength, vitality and warming of cold areas

Frequency: 7.8 HZ, like the musical note “C;” Sound: UH, like “huh” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Links one with form and the physical world, embracing security and ambition

Themes: Connecting and rooted to the earth, as a foundation for growing and thriving

Beliefs: Safety and security; tribal worthiness; right to be here and to feel

Quest: Physical identity, guided by divine power and will for self-preservation

Mind-set: Thoughts of anger, despair, grief, joy, self-protection, shame and terror

Fears: Physical survival; group abandonment; loss of physical order

Boundary Issues: Lack of or overspending money, sexual control or addiction, and workaholic or anemia

Emotions: Primal sense of being centered or insecure, safe or vulnerable, and belonging or alone

Excesses: Defensive, fearful, greedy and materialistic

Deficiencies: Lack of basic necessities, boundaries or discipline and restlessness

Affirmations: "I have the right to feel and the right to be here."
“I feel power when walking on this earth, and I am grounded.”
“I feel safe and can deal with my fears today.”
”I feel physically strong and able to handle responsibilities.”
“I feel secure; life is full of wonderful surprises.”
‘I feel the force of nature, and I am grateful for its guidance today.”
"I have enough, and I am enough.”
"I feel relaxed and trust the universe to support me.”

2nd or Sacral Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Lower abdomen, slightly above the genital area, between L3 and S5; upper hips

Anatomy: Lower back, sacral plexus, body fluids, kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs

Element: Water, like movement within and softening of its surrounds

Color: Brilliant orange, for creativity, happiness, immunity and increased sexual potency

Frequency: 15.6 HZ, like the musical note “D;” Sound: OOO, like “you” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Center for sexual energy, pure emotions, and creativity

Themes: Flowing movement with passion and clear energy

Beliefs: Creativity; right to want and enjoy; sensuality

Quest: Emotional identity; knowing the divine is a feeling power which is felt by the self

Mind-set: Disappointment, frustration, happiness, sadness and self-care

Fears: Loss of physical power and loss of self control

Boundary Issues: Lack of separation of feelings for self and others; exaggerated or repressed feelings

Emotions: Gut feelings of happy or sad, sensual or numb, satisfied or frustrated; uninspired or unfulfilled

Excesses: Addicted to sex, compulsive, poor boundaries and overly attached or emotional

Deficiencies: Emotional numbness, fear of pleasure, frigidity, guilt, impotence and rigidity

Affirmations: "I have the right to passion, and I feel a healthy energy within me."
"I tune into my sensations; my body and sexuality are sacred."
“I celebrate my creativity; I trust my intuition to guide me.”
“I am not afraid of change; I pray for trust in changes.”
“I sense a healthy life force within me, and I allow my creative energies to flow.”
“I am thankful for support from others; I bless others for their presence.”
“I feel alive and magnetically powerful; my energy is vibrant.”
”I honor others; I am comfortable in interactions today.”

3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Abdomen, slightly above the navel, between T11 and L2

Anatomy: Upper lumbar vertebra, solar plexus, liver, pancreas, spleen, adrenals and digestive system

Element: Fire, like the sun or the flame of your spirit

Color: Intense yellow, for analytical thinking, energy stimulation, intellectual clarity and power

Frequency: 22.4 HZ, like the musical note “E;” Sound: OH, like “go” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Personal power; integrating feelings; sense of being whole

Themes: Acting with integrity; deciding with confidence; doing as you would have others do

Beliefs: Power; right to act; self-esteem; success

Quest: Ego identity; following life’s purpose; self-knowledge; vitality; will power

Mind-set: Confidence; critical of others; self-judgment

Fears: Being no good or inferior; having too much responsibility

Boundary Issues: Inability to discern appropriate behaviors; excessively critical; lack of self-esteem

Emotions: Powerful or weak; confident or demoralized; effective or unsuccessful

Excesses: Aggressive, angry, blaming, dominating and overly active; ulcers and food disorders

Deficiencies: Apathetic, lacking self-esteem, passive, sluggish and weak willed

Affirmations: "I have the right to act as I choose; I am not here to meet the expectations of others."
”I have a healthy body; I feel connected to my physical power.”
“I feel courageous; I have the strength to persevere.”
“I honor myself and shall act with integrity today.”
"I say yes to my higher self and no to inappropriate opportunities."
“I know who I am, and I am free to live my own life.”
“I embrace my fears, and shall be stronger from them.”
“I am responsible for myself, and I ask the divine to guide me.” 4th or Heart Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Center of the rib cage, in the area of heart and lungs; upper torso

Anatomy: Thoracic vertebra, cardiac plexus, thymus, circulatory and pulmonary systems

Element: Air, including the free movement of thoughts and matter

Color: Emerald green, as in verdant nature, for balance, harmony, sympathy, and to promote healing

Frequency: 30.2 HZ, like the musical note “F;” Sound: AH, like “father” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Provide unconditional love; bridge upper and lower chakras; process aesthetic impulses

Themes: Balancing; harmonizing physical and mental realms and inner and external voices

Beliefs: Group bonding; love of self and others

Quest: A blending of self and the divine, bridging physical and spiritual worlds

Mind-set: Belonging; empathy; relationships

Fears: Being unloved, controlled by others, and intimate; beyond recovery from emotional wounds

Boundary Issues: Alienation; caretaking addiction; co-dependency; loneliness

Emotions: Joy or hurt, peace or despair, love or anger, compassion or hard-heartedness

Excesses: Coldness, impatience, jealousy and lacking boundaries; inappropriate surrender

Deficiencies: Bitter, critical, grieving, lonely, resentful, shy, and unforgiving

Affirmations: "I have the right to love, and I have the right to be loved."
“I am open to receiving love and have the strength for creating this day.”
“I feel hurt, and I release my anger and bitterness to the universe.”
"I am open to life, and I am compassionate and merciful."
”I am grateful for myself and others, and I forgive those who have hurt me.”
“I feel love of life now, and I appreciate the caring shown to me by others.”
“I feel an emotional balance and send a blessing to those in pain.”
“I am rich in love and feel free from indebtedness.”
“I deeply care for myself, and I know that love is divine power.”5th or Throat Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Neck, between medial collarbones and jaw or occipital ridge

Anatomy: Cervical vertebra, pharyngeal plexus, thyroid, ears, mouth, throat, arms and hands

Element: Ether, sound and vibration

Color: Light sky blue, for calm, cooling, expansion of space and time, soothing and tranquility

Frequency: 38.0 HZ, like the musical note “G;” Sound: EYE, like “I” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Transforms sensations into expressions, enabling communication

Themes: Expressing truth; honoring yourself and others; listening and speaking

Beliefs: Responsibility; right to expression and to be heard; truth

Quest: Manifesting the divine through thoughts, sounds and writings

Mind-set: Creative expression; feeling the unexpressed; hearing and speech

Fears: Lacking authority or power of choice; lying, as it violates body and spirit

Boundary Issues: Sharing too much or unable to express enough; taking in too much or shutting down

Emotions: Expressive or inhibited; empowered or repressed; open and communicative or choked-up

Excesses: Arrogant; blocked communication; too talkative; unable to listen

Deficiencies: Ashamed, fearful of speaking or expression; having poor rhythm

Affirmations: "I have the right to speak and the right to be heard."
“I acknowledge my authentic self, and express myself effectively.”
“I am open to my inner voice and release fears in both day and night.”
"I accept my real feelings, and I appropriately communicate them."
“I am strong enough to genuinely express myself; I let go of false illusions.”
‘I honor all my thoughts and emotions; I creatively convey what is right for me.”
”I speak with honesty and integrity; I avoid ways that are harmful.”
“I commit myself to clarity, and I express the truth as I know it.”
6th or Third Eye Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Brow, between the eyes and back of head; upper face, including eyes, nose and ears

Anatomy: Cranial bones, brain and carotid plexus, and pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands

Element: Light and a combination of ether, air, fire, water and earth

Color: Indigo, like the night sky, for clearing the head, dignity, insight, inspiration and visualization

Frequency: 46.8 HZ, like the musical note “A;” Sound: AYE, like “say” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Knowing; understanding beyond scientific and physical realms

Themes: Trusting; heeding intuition or an inner knowing; making right choices

Beliefs: Culture; right to see past, present and future; self image

Quest: Seeing through the eyes of the divine; higher consciousness; inner vision

Mind-set: Feelings about perceptions of others and self awareness; academic intelligence

Fears: One’s shadow; loss of truth, sound judgment or discipline

Boundary Issues: Mentally or visually over stimulated; lacking perceptions and visions

Emotions: Inspired or disturbed; insightful or clouded; wise or foolish

Excesses: Deluded; headaches; lack of focus; nightmares

Deficiencies: Denial; poor memory or vision; learning disabilities

Affirmations: "I am still and open; I listen to my higher self."
“I take in truth; I let go of my need to have expectations met.”
“I invest my energy in positive thoughts; I release judgments that are no longer true.”
“I love my mind and its power; I use its strength from within me.”
”I feel a more positive attitude; I know that others share my fears.”
"I have the right to see and hear; I have insight and wisdom."
“I feel good today; I am open to relearning the truth.”
“I receive messages from my unconscious; I trust my intuition.”
7th or Crown Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Above the ears, top and center of head, at the baby’s soft spot on the skull

Anatomy: Cerebral cortex; central nervous system; muscular skeletal system; skin

Element: Thought and a combination of ether, air, fire, water and earth

Color: Golden white, for peace, protection, purification, truth and spiritual unity

Frequency: 54.6 HZ, like the musical note “B;” Sound: EEE, like “me” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Being one with the universe; seeking a unity of all beings; spiritual wisdom

Themes: Connecting; inviting the divine; living in the present moment

Beliefs: Humanitarianism; religion; right and need to know; spiritual ideas and soul

Mind-set: Judgment of feeling as being messenger or cause of problem

Quest: Divine power; enlightenment; insight to achieve destiny and infinite consciousness

Fears: Loss of meaning or purpose; believing there is no divine force or life after death

Boundary Issues: Being overzealous about beliefs; lacking connection with one’s divine spirit

Emotions: Serene or depressed; calm or worried; unified or isolated; transcendent or ridiculous

Excesses: Alienation, dissociation, overly intellectual or spiritually addiction

Deficiencies: Apathy, depression, materialism and spiritual apathy or skepticism

Affirmations: “I am open to spiritual guidance; I know there is a divine reason for all happenings.”
"I surrender to god's love; I am energized and at peace."
“I feel totally in the present; nothing in the past has authority over me.”
”I feel strength from the divine; I release the need to know why things happen.”
“I feel comfortable right now; I am grateful for the wonderful things of the past.”
“I feel blessed; I am connected with others today.”
“I give to others as I give to the divine; I receive from others as from the divine.”
"I feel oneness with all life; I sense inspiration and release."
Chakras: Breathing and Colors

This work is optional. The Practitioner may wish to guide the client to focus on natural deep breathing while visualizing the color, and its complement, associated with the pertinent chakra. The purpose is to either stimulate the hypoactive chakra or to sedate the hyperactive chakra, seeking balance of the energy center and harmony among the chakras.

The Practitioner and client may use their intuition in selecting appropriate colors, as ancient and modern texts do not always agree on this matter. For example, pink may be associated with the heart chakra.

The following examples are offered for chakra stimulation. For sedation of the energy center, reverse the colors for inhalation and exhalation.

Chakra Inhalation Exhalation
1. Root Bright red of fire Surreal sky blue
2. Sacral Brilliant orange Green shades of nature
3. Solar Plexus Intense lemon yellow Indigo blue with shades of purple
4. Heart Verdant green Violet or golden white
5. Throat Light sky blue Orange, like a fully ripened fruit
6. Brow Indigo or purple Yellow, as in a flame
7. Crown Pure golden white Emerald green

Chakras: Breathing and Affirmations

This work is also optional. In addition or as an alternative to a colorful image, both the Practitioner and client breathe naturally and deeply, while thinking parts of affirmations on inhalation and exhalation. These parts prepare the mind for positive experiences while releasing negativity. Match words of affirmation to rhythm of breathing, and return to conscious breath-work if the mind becomes distracted.

Chakra Example of Silent Inhalation Example of Silent Exhalation
1. Root "I feel grounded to the earth… and feel safe and secure."
2. Sacral "I respect myself… and let my creative life force flow."
3. Solar Plexus "I take responsibility for myself… and find my power within."
4. Heart "I accept who I am… and let love flow unconditionally."
5. Throat "I listen to myself… and communicate my truth."
6. Brow "I trust my intuition… and know what is right for me."
7. Crown "I am guided by higher powers… and am protected by divine grace."

Chakras: Polarity and Related Issues

Polarity is about complementary forces referred to as yin and yang in Asian texts. These forces, like hot and cold or male and female, exist in varying degrees for each of us.

Reiki Massage seeks to balance the polarity at chakras and throughout the entire being. The Reiki Massage Practitioner: 1) uses hand positions to bridge chakra energy centers, staying open and present, 2) focuses on the yang or output, positive polarity chakras, to facilitate change, 3) connects the yin or intake, negative polarity chakras, to sooth and calm and 4) might connect yin chakras, such as the Lower Abdomen and Heart, then Lower Abdomen to the Third Eye, to end a session; alternatively, close with hand positions from the Root chakra upward to fuel the other energy centers.

Chakra Polarity Summary of Basic Issues
1. Root Yang Survival: self, family and community relationships
2. Sacral Yin Creation: physical desire, sensuality and sexuality
3. Solar Plexus Yang Power: self-esteem responsibility and will
4. Heart Yin Love: forgiveness, self-love and compassion
5. Throat Yang Communication: expression of feelings and will
6. Brow Yin Wisdom: awareness, insight and intuition
7. Crown Yang Oneness: openness to higher self and unity with all beings

Chakras: Detailed Factors Related to Reiki Massage

In Reiki Massage, we work on both the anterior and posterior portions of the client’s body. The anterior is associated with feelings, except at the Crown and Third Eye chakras which are mental centers. The posterior is associated with one's will. The anterior and posterior of a chakra are energetically connected.

For balance and harmony: 1) stimulate chakras with deep strokes up the spine, returning slightly more lateral toward the sacrum, and 2) sedate with gentle movements along the spine, from 5th to 2nd chakras, returning just lateral to that toward the occipital ridge.

For the client who prefers to be only prone or supine, use the distant Reiki symbol to access chakras on the lower side. When using the distant Reiki symbol, it is not necessary to distinguish the anterior from posterior chakra for the desired intention.

1st or Root Chakra: Anterior and Posterior

Body Parts: Spine, coccyx, rectum, perineum and legs, including knees, ankles, feet

Physical Dysfunctions: Chronic low-back pain, sciatica, suppressed immune system, varicose veins

Undesired Conditions: Angry, depressed, fearful of change, fickle, insecure, lonely

Pursuits: Being grounded and solid, and having courage, primal securities, trust, will to live

Intentions: Acceptance, Armored, Belonging, Calm, Centered, Comfort, Cozy, Durable,
Endurance, Fearless, Fortified, Grounded, Natural, Nurtured, Protected, Risk free, Safe,
Secure, Sheltered, Shielded, Solid, Stable, Steady, Sturdy, Supported, Survival, Trust,
Unruffled, Welcomed

2nd or Sacral Chakra: Anterior

Body Parts: Bladder, ovaries, sperm, gonads

Physical Dysfunctions: Sex organs, ob-gyn problems

Undesired Conditions: Self-destruction, negative and loss of feelings frigidity, poor boundaries

Pursuits: Sensual pleasure and intimacy, self-love, ability to do things

Intentions: Aroused, Delight, Desirable, Enjoyment, Fluid, Gratified, Indulged, Intimacy,
Optimism, Passion, Pleasure, Sensual, Sexy, Stimulated, Touched, Wonderful

2nd or Sacral Chakra: Posterior

Body Parts: Lower back, sacrum, pelvis, buttocks and reproductive organs

Physical Dysfunctions: Loss of vitality, reproductive system disorders, sciatica

Undesired Conditions: Addictions, past as a prison, and being angry, worried, hopeless

Pursuits: Balance of sexual energies, new beginnings or endings, family

Intentions: Awakened, Competitive, Creative, Emotional, Energized, Fertile, Marvelous,
Moved, Rekindled, Ripe, Unblocked, Vitality

Hara: Anterior

Location: Lower abdomen, 2 finger-widths below navel

Undesired Conditions: Distracted, lacking direction, overly or under-critical, picky, sloppy

Pursuits: Being centered, objective, purposeful

Intentions: Attentive, Balanced, Focused, In my body

Hara: Posterior

Body Parts: Kidneys, spleen, urinary tract, vertebra above coccyx

Physical Dysfunctions: Lower back, kidney, spleen, urinary problems

Undesired Conditions: Fearful of becoming a victim or being or taken advantage of

Pursuits: Sense of abundance and gentleness

Intentions: Abundance, Generous, Gentleness, Prosperity, Replenished, Rich, Wealth

3rd or Solar Plexus: Anterior

Body Parts: Abdomen, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach

Physical Dysfunctions: Anorexia, bulimia and other food disorders, diabetes, digestive problems, ulcers

Undesired Conditions: Frustration, depression, powerlessness, worry

Pursuits: Autonomy, freedom, humor, peace, personal power, risk taking, will

Intentions: Achievement, Bold, Brave, Constructive, Courageous, Daring, Empowered, Freedom, Honor, Powerful, Self esteem, Strong, Willful, Worry free

3rd or Solar Plexus: Posterior

Body Parts: Diaphragm, adrenals, T11 – L2

Physical Dysfunctions: Arthritis, adrenal, metabolism and nerve dysfunctions, sleep apnea

Undesired Conditions: Fearful, hyperactive, listless, moody

Pursuits: Being active, confident, energetic, and seeking inner harmony, sense of self

Intentions: Activated, Confident, Conviction, Disciplined, Electrified, Esteem, Fabulous, Feeling, Fortitude, Glowing, Invigorated, Lively, Made well, Persistent, Radiant, Resolute, Robust,
Sprightly, Steadfast, Strength, Sure, Tenacity, Vigorous, Vivacious, Warm, Zest

4th or Heart Chakra: Anterior

Body Parts: Front of chest, heart, immune system, thymus

Physical Dysfunctions: Heart, circulation or vagus nerve problems, asthma, allergies

Undesired Conditions: Being under attack, guilt, inability to love, jealousy, self-pity

Pursuits: Balance, giving and receiving unconditional love, joy, respect, surrender

Intentions: Accepting, Accord, Adaptive, Admired, Affection, Balanced, Benevolent, Cared for, Caring, Celebrated, Cherished, Compassion, Contented, Deserving, Equanimity, Fullness, Giving, Gladness, Griefless, Guiltless, Harmony, Healed, Innocence, Integrated, Kind, Less anger, Love, Moderate, Patience, Relished, Respected, Serene, Spoiled, Stillness, Surrender, Tame,
Tenderness, Tranquil, Union, Sympathy, Unobliged, Valued, Wanted, Worthy

4th or Heart Chakra: Posterior

Body Parts: Arms, back of chest (opposite heart and lungs), shoulders

Physical Dysfunctions: Arm problems, heart and lung disease, shoulder, upper torso

Undesired Conditions: Burden, chaos, hopelessness, melancholy

Pursuits: Forgiveness, gratitude toward self and others, virtue, vitality, willfulness

Intentions: Absolved, Acknowledged, Adulation, Altruistic, Amiable, Appreciated, Atonement, Breathful, Care free, Considerate, Coupled, Ease, Embraced, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Exonerated, Forgiveness, Friendly, Full hearted, Goodness, Grateful, Gratitude, Heartfelt, Hope, Hugged, Humility, Merciful, Mobile, Modest, Pardoned, Release, Relief, Reprieve, Romantic, Soft-hearted, Sympathy, Thankful, Tolerant, Upbeat

5th or Throat Chakra: Anterior

Body Parts: Front of neck, jaw, parathyroid, thyroid

Physical Dysfunctions: Bronchial, mouth, throat, thyroid, TMJ and vocal problems

Undesired Conditions: Choked-up, restricted, sad, unwilling to change

Pursuits: Seeking creativity, expressiveness, generosity, lucid dreams, release

Intentions: Authentic, Communicative, Creative, Expressive, Genuine, Honesty, Integrity,
Intelligible, Open, Responsive, Sincere, Truthful, Unambiguous

5th or Throat Chakra: Posterior

Body Parts: Arms, back of neck, cervical vertebrae, shoulders

Physical Dysfunctions: Neck and shoulder aches, spinal and hypothalamus problems, scoliosis

Undesired Conditions: Burdened by wrong-doing, in denial, not accepted, stubborn

Pursuits: Being connected, forgiving, relaxed, service to others, and having sense of self

Intentions: Adept, Agreement, Commitment, Complimented, Different, Distinct, Individuality,
Loving, Loyalty, Magnetic, Nursed, Playful, Quietness, Receptive, Reliable, Sense of self,
Silence, Treasured, Understood

6th or Third Eye: Anterior

Body Parts: Brow, ears, eyes, nose, pituitary gland

Physical Dysfunctions: Brain, eye, ear and pituitary gland and sinus problems, headaches

Undesired Conditions: Aimless wandering, directionless, indecisive

Pursuits: Detachment, idealism, perseverance, tolerance, wisdom

Intentions: Astute, Certain, Clarity, Clearness, Decisive, Detached, Ethical, Lucid,
Open minded, Present, Sensitive

6th or Third Eye: Posterior

Body Parts: Back of head, brain, medulla oblongata

Physical Dysfunctions: Learning disabilities, brain and nerve disorders, seizures

Undesired Conditions: Burdened, suffocated, uninspired, uncreative

Pursuits: Ability to do things sensibly, being inspired and insightful

Intentions: Alert, Aware, Discerning, Imaginative, Insightful, Inspired, Intelligent,
Intuitive, Inventive, Logical, Mindful, Perceptive, Practical, Selective, Sensible, Vision

7th or Crown Chakra: Anterior and Posterior

Body Parts: Central nervous system, cerebrum, pineal gland

Physical Dysfunctions: Oversensitivity to light and sound, unexplained chronic fatigue

Undesired Conditions: Alienation, delusion, limited beliefs, moody, pride, victimized

Pursuits: Happiness, oneness with life and the divine, unity, wholeness

Intentions: Aligned, Altered, Awesome, Blessed, Bliss, Cheerful, Cleansed, Composed,
Congruence, Connected, Contact, Devout, Ebullient, Ecstasy, Egoless, Enchanted,
Enlightened, Exquisite, Faith, Fellowship, Floating, Free, Fulfilled, Glorious, Grace,
Grand, Happy, Heavenly, Helped, Holy, Humble, Inner peace, Introspective, Inviting,
Joined, Joy, Knowing, Lightness, Limitless, Magnificent, Nirvana, Noble, Nothing,
Oneness, Peace, Perfect, Purified, Purposeful, Rapture, Rejoice, Reverence, Righteous,
Sacred, Selfless, Significant, Solitude, Soulful, Spacious, Spiritual, Timeless,
Transcendent, Understanding, Unity, Wise

Intentions and Related Primary Chakra: Anterior and Posterior

“A” indicates if the intention’s primary related chakra is anterior
“P” is used if focus for the intention is on the posterior chakra
“C” shows that a combination of a chakra’s anterior and posterior is related to an intention

Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Absolved P
Abundance P
Acceptance C
Accepting A
Accord A
Achievement A
Acknowledged P
Activated P
Adaptive A
Adept P
Admired A
Adulation P
Affection A
Agreement P
Alert P
Aligned C
Altered C
Altruistic P
Amiable P
Appreciated P
Armored C
Aroused A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Astute A
Atonement P
Attentive A
Authentic A
Awakened P
Aware P
Awesome C
Balanced A
Belonging C
Benevolent A
Blessed C
Bliss C
Bold A
Brave A
Breathful P
Calm C
Cared for A
Carefree P
Caring A
Celebrated A
Centered C
Certain A
Cheerful C
Cherished A
Clarity A
Cleansed C
Clearness A
Comfort C
Commitment P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Communicative A
Compassion A
Competitive P
Complimented P
Composed C
Confident P
Congruence C
Connected C
Considerate P
Constructive A
Contact C
Conviction P
Coupled P
Courageous A
Cozy C
Creative P
Daring A
Decisive A
Delight A
Deserving A
Desirable A
Detached A
Devout C
Different P
Discerning P
Disciplined P
Distinct P
Durable C
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Ease P
Ebullient C
Ecstasy C
Egoless C
Electrified P
Embraced P
Empathy P
Emotional P
Empowered A
Enchanted C
Endurance C
Energized P
Enjoyment A
Enlightened C
Enthusiasm P
Equanimity A
Esteem P
Ethical A
Exonerated P
Expressive A
Fabulous P
Faith C
Feeling P
Fearless C
Fellowship C
Fertile P
Floating C
Fluid A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Focused A
Forgiveness P
Fortified C
Fortitude P
Free C
Freedom A
Friendly P
Fulfilled C
Full hearted P
Fullness A
Generous P
Gentleness P
Genuine A
Giving A
Gladness A
Glorious C
Glowing P
Goodness P
Grace C
Grand C
Grateful P
Gratified A
Gratitude P
Griefless A
Grounded C
Guiltless A
Happy C
Harmony A
Healed A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Heartfelt P
Heavenly C
Helped C
Holy C
Honesty A
Honor A
Hope P
Hugged P
Humble C
Humility P
Imaginative P
Individuality P
Indulged A
In my body A
Inner peace C
Innocence A
Insightful P
Inspired P
Integrated A
Integrity A
Intelligent P A
Intimacy A
Introspective C
Intuitive P
Inventive P
Invigorated P A
Inviting C
Joined C
Joy C
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Kind A
Knowing C
Less anger A
Lightness C
Limitless C
Lively P
Logical P
Love A
Loving P
Loyalty P
Lucid A
Made well P
Magnetic P
Magnificent C
Marvelous P
Merciful P
Mindful P
Mobile P
Moderate A
Modest P
Moved P
Natural C
Nirvana C
Noble C
Nothing C
Nursed P
Nurtured C
Oneness C
Open A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Open minded A
Optimism A
Pardoned P
Passion A
Patience A
Peace C
Perceptive P
Perfect C
Persistent P
Playful P
Pleasure A
Powerful A
Practical P
Present A
Prosperity P
Protected C
Purified C
Purposeful C
Quietness P
Radiant P
Rapture C
Receptive P
Rekindled P
Rejoice C
Release P
Reliable P
Relief P
Relished A
Replenished P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Reprieve P
Resolute P
Respected A
Responsive A
Reverence C
Rich P
Righteous C
Ripe P
Risk-free C
Robust P
Romantic P
Sacred C
Safe C
Secure C
Selective P
Self esteem A
Selfless C
Sensible P
Sensitive A
Sense of self P
Sensual A
Serene A
Sexy A
Sheltered C
Shielded C
Significant C
Silence P
Sincere A
Softhearted P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Solid C
Solitude C
Soulful C
Spacious C
Spiritual C
Spoiled A
Sprightly P
Stable C
Steadfast P
Steady C
Stillness A
Stimulated A
Strength P
Strong A
Sturdy C
Supported C
Sure P
Surrender A
Survival C
Sympathy P
Tame A
Tenacity P
Tenderness A
Thankful P
Timeless C
Tolerant P
Touched A
Tranquil A
Transcendent C
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Treasured P
Trust C
Truthful A
Unambiguous A
Unblocked P
Understanding C
Understood P
Unity C
Unobliged A
Unruffled C
Upbeat P
Valued A
Vigorous P
Vision P
Vivacious P
Wanted A
Warm P
Wealth P
Welcomed C
Willful A
Wise C
Wonderful A
Worry free A
Worthy A
Zest P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Transition from Talk to Touch

Unlike massage therapy which usually is based on soft-tissue manipulation, Reiki Massage focuses on communication at an energetic level. This is more intuitive than predetermined systematic methods.

The Practitioner interviews the client regarding conscious anatomical and emotional conditions, as well as intention. Clues of the client’s goal, basic issues, values and spiritual premise are tactfully sought at this initial stage, respecting the client’s possible need for privacy in these matters. If the discussion reveals fears or dysfunctions, the Practitioner also uses these to identify the chakra and physical area of focus.

Clients may not be conscious of an intention such as “relaxed.” A more refined intention can be revealed in clients’ identification of where they imagine or remember being relaxed. The Practitioner might interpret a focal chakra based on the client’s “relaxation space.” For example, “my family’s cabin”: 1st chakra (earth element), “by the sea”: 2nd chakra (water element), “by an open fire’: 3rd chakra (fire element), “with my sweetheart”: 4th chakra, “singing in the shower”: 5th chakra, “reading a good book”: 6th chakra, and “in my place of worship”: 7th chakra.

The Practitioner seeks balance of elements, related to chakras and their associated intentions or emotions. For example with a lethargic client, the Practitioner invites the fire element for activation of the 3rd chakra. This can be done through prayer, intent and visualizations, and works with colors too.

It is suggested to imagine or surround oneself in the color related to the specific chakra. The Practitioner and client can visualize a primary color, and its complement, to open and balance a chakra. Red, orange or yellow can be used to stimulate depleted energy flows, and green, blue and indigo used for soothing overactive areas. To overcome a non-intention such as anger at the Root chakra, breathe in red and exhale blue for calming. Other color combinations for inhalations and exhalations include orange and green, yellow and indigo, green and white, blue and orange, indigo and yellow, and white and green.

It is the responsibility of the Practitioner to put together appropriate pieces for an effective session. Invite the client to participate in the selection of music and background sounds, consistent with the intention and dominant or weak-link chakra frequency. Together, you can choose affirmations, along with appropriate aromas, colors and visualizations or images, all in alignment with the intention.

After talking and while the client gets on massage table, the Practitioner can refer to these pages. If the Practitioner seeks direction for alignment with a stated intention, then the Practitioner can refer to “Way: Approaches and Path” in the “Intentions” section. If the client’s intention, or something very similar, is not found in the text, then the Practitioner can select the area of focus based on other conditions. For example, if a client asked to feel “electrified” and reported a loss of creativity and passion, then the 2nd chakra would be emphasized in a manner similar to the intention “energized.”

When the client is on the Reiki Massage table, the Practitioner furthers understanding of the client’s conditions through touch and intuition. . For example, combining “relationship to intentions” and “anatomy and dysfunctions,” the Practitioner might: either 1) stimulate the 3rd chakra’s pancreas-spleen immune function with lemon oil and visualization of yellow or 2) use sandalwood oil and blue image to sedate 5th chakra’s bronchial tube dysfunctions. To quiet the senses of the very active client, the Practitioner would apply warm oils, with appropriate essences.

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