March 18, 2007


Questions and Answers

Q. What are chakras?
A. Chakras are energy centers at the front and back of the body, both within and beyond the physical form.
Chakras appear as wheel-like vortices of pure energy, and they are linked by spinning energies.

Q. Why balance chakras?
A. Each chakra holds power that is manifested when that chakra is cleared and balanced. Balancing a weak-link chakra energizes the entire system. And balancing chakras unites the individual soul with the universal soul.

Q. What else does the Reiki Massage Practitioner do to balance chakras?
A. The Practitioner acts as an open and interactive avenue for energy balancing by placing hands over a chakra, at a height that is sensed as having the strongest energy vibrations.

Q. In what manner are the chakras balanced?
A. Coarse, physical energies from the lower chakras are combined with more subtle energies of the upper chakras. A balance is sought from top of the skull and throughout the head, throat, chest, abdomen, pelvis and perineum. The goal is harmony of heavenly and earthly energies.

Q. Why does Reiki Massage focus on chakras and not on other energy centers, such as along meridians?
A. A person’s physiological and psychological well-being is established and maintained by a harmony of the chakras. In Reiki Massage seven energy centers are emphasized for their effectiveness and practicality, being relatively easy to learn and apply. The use of acupressure points and meridian flows is optional in Reiki Massage. As described in the “Benefits” section, chakra-based Reiki Massage works.

Q. Is it necessary for the client to participate in balancing chakras?
A. No. However, the Practitioner and client may visualize a color frequency or other vibrational energy associated with the desired intention or existing conditions; they may also use affirmations.

Q. Is the combined use of affirmations, visualizations, music, sounds of nature and aromas recommended in Reiki Massage?
A. Yes, in addition to touch. What is important is that each component be aligned with the client’s intention. These helpful practices send information to and among: 1) sensory receptors of the physical body, 2) feelings of the emotional body, 3) thoughts of the mental body, 4) personalities or archetype of the spiritual body, and 5) flow of the energetic body.

Q. Where can I learn more about chakras?
A. 1) Brennan, Barbara Ann, "Hands of Light," 1988.
2) Eden, Donna, “Energy Medicine," 1998.
3) Judith, Anodea, “Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System,” 1998.
4) Myss, Caroline and Norm Shealy, M.D., “The Science of Medical Intuition,” 2002.
5) Wills, Pauline, “Colour Therapy: The Use of Colour for Health and Healing,” 1993.


Chakras are described in ancient Indian texts as centers for the reception, assimilation, transformation and transmission of subtle energy. They manage life-force energy, serving as capacitors and resistors.

These energy vortexes are internal and external to our bodies, and they are numerous. In Reiki Massage, focus is on the hand and seven major chakras. The hara or dan tien, which some believe to be the master chakra, is also used for hand positions.

The major chakras are located from the base of the spine to top of the head, anterior and posterior. Although the chakras are presented independently, they all work together. They form a bridge to wholeness of mind-body-spirit relationships, and between heaven and earth.

The crown chakra relates to spiritual quests and living in the present. The lower six chakras are each related to a major nerve plexus and glandular center, and they help regulate the flow of Reiki to different organs of the body.

For Reiki Massage, the meaning of these centers can be described as follows:
Location on the body, corresponding to teachings of western medicine
Anatomical areas and body parts, including skeletal portions, nerve centers, glands and organs
Elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, as described in western and Asian texts
Color in the rainbow light spectrum having a wave length which most influences the chakra
Frequency or rate of vibration, such as earth and red having lower vibrations than upper chakras
Purpose, reason or goal, including the principle function or aim of the energy center
Themes or central issues; attributes common to the chakra
Beliefs or attitudes, rights and values; these form the intellectual basis for one’s mind-set
Quest or premise which is the spiritual basis for mind-set and actions
Mind-set or strong feelings; the manifestation of beliefs and spiritual pursuits
Fears or doubts, worries and suspicions; these are usually related to excesses and deficiencies
Boundary issues or characteristics of too much or too little, manifesting as abnormal limits
Emotions or feelings, based on mind-set and experiences, part of both normal and abnormal behaviors
Excesses or unrestrained behavior, usually from either over stimulated or repressed energy center Deficiencies or extremes, usually from insufficient vibration at the energy vortex
Affirmations or positive statements, spoken silently in the first person, aligned with chakra

Begin at the Root Chakra as a basis for belonging, comfort and trust. This allows for deeper healing of intentions related to chakras of higher frequency.

1st or Root Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Base of the spine, perineum and coccyx; lower hips

Anatomy: Coccygeal plexus, prostate, large intestine, legs and feet

Element: Earth, like a firm rock or grounded plain

Color: Bright red, for energy stimulation, strength, vitality and warming of cold areas

Frequency: 7.8 HZ, like the musical note “C;” Sound: UH, like “huh” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Links one with form and the physical world, embracing security and ambition

Themes: Connecting and rooted to the earth, as a foundation for growing and thriving

Beliefs: Safety and security; tribal worthiness; right to be here and to feel

Quest: Physical identity, guided by divine power and will for self-preservation

Mind-set: Thoughts of anger, despair, grief, joy, self-protection, shame and terror

Fears: Physical survival; group abandonment; loss of physical order

Boundary Issues: Lack of or overspending money, sexual control or addiction, and workaholic or anemia

Emotions: Primal sense of being centered or insecure, safe or vulnerable, and belonging or alone

Excesses: Defensive, fearful, greedy and materialistic

Deficiencies: Lack of basic necessities, boundaries or discipline and restlessness

Affirmations: "I have the right to feel and the right to be here."
“I feel power when walking on this earth, and I am grounded.”
“I feel safe and can deal with my fears today.”
”I feel physically strong and able to handle responsibilities.”
“I feel secure; life is full of wonderful surprises.”
‘I feel the force of nature, and I am grateful for its guidance today.”
"I have enough, and I am enough.”
"I feel relaxed and trust the universe to support me.”

2nd or Sacral Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Lower abdomen, slightly above the genital area, between L3 and S5; upper hips

Anatomy: Lower back, sacral plexus, body fluids, kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs

Element: Water, like movement within and softening of its surrounds

Color: Brilliant orange, for creativity, happiness, immunity and increased sexual potency

Frequency: 15.6 HZ, like the musical note “D;” Sound: OOO, like “you” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Center for sexual energy, pure emotions, and creativity

Themes: Flowing movement with passion and clear energy

Beliefs: Creativity; right to want and enjoy; sensuality

Quest: Emotional identity; knowing the divine is a feeling power which is felt by the self

Mind-set: Disappointment, frustration, happiness, sadness and self-care

Fears: Loss of physical power and loss of self control

Boundary Issues: Lack of separation of feelings for self and others; exaggerated or repressed feelings

Emotions: Gut feelings of happy or sad, sensual or numb, satisfied or frustrated; uninspired or unfulfilled

Excesses: Addicted to sex, compulsive, poor boundaries and overly attached or emotional

Deficiencies: Emotional numbness, fear of pleasure, frigidity, guilt, impotence and rigidity

Affirmations: "I have the right to passion, and I feel a healthy energy within me."
"I tune into my sensations; my body and sexuality are sacred."
“I celebrate my creativity; I trust my intuition to guide me.”
“I am not afraid of change; I pray for trust in changes.”
“I sense a healthy life force within me, and I allow my creative energies to flow.”
“I am thankful for support from others; I bless others for their presence.”
“I feel alive and magnetically powerful; my energy is vibrant.”
”I honor others; I am comfortable in interactions today.”

3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Abdomen, slightly above the navel, between T11 and L2

Anatomy: Upper lumbar vertebra, solar plexus, liver, pancreas, spleen, adrenals and digestive system

Element: Fire, like the sun or the flame of your spirit

Color: Intense yellow, for analytical thinking, energy stimulation, intellectual clarity and power

Frequency: 22.4 HZ, like the musical note “E;” Sound: OH, like “go” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Personal power; integrating feelings; sense of being whole

Themes: Acting with integrity; deciding with confidence; doing as you would have others do

Beliefs: Power; right to act; self-esteem; success

Quest: Ego identity; following life’s purpose; self-knowledge; vitality; will power

Mind-set: Confidence; critical of others; self-judgment

Fears: Being no good or inferior; having too much responsibility

Boundary Issues: Inability to discern appropriate behaviors; excessively critical; lack of self-esteem

Emotions: Powerful or weak; confident or demoralized; effective or unsuccessful

Excesses: Aggressive, angry, blaming, dominating and overly active; ulcers and food disorders

Deficiencies: Apathetic, lacking self-esteem, passive, sluggish and weak willed

Affirmations: "I have the right to act as I choose; I am not here to meet the expectations of others."
”I have a healthy body; I feel connected to my physical power.”
“I feel courageous; I have the strength to persevere.”
“I honor myself and shall act with integrity today.”
"I say yes to my higher self and no to inappropriate opportunities."
“I know who I am, and I am free to live my own life.”
“I embrace my fears, and shall be stronger from them.”
“I am responsible for myself, and I ask the divine to guide me.” 4th or Heart Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Center of the rib cage, in the area of heart and lungs; upper torso

Anatomy: Thoracic vertebra, cardiac plexus, thymus, circulatory and pulmonary systems

Element: Air, including the free movement of thoughts and matter

Color: Emerald green, as in verdant nature, for balance, harmony, sympathy, and to promote healing

Frequency: 30.2 HZ, like the musical note “F;” Sound: AH, like “father” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Provide unconditional love; bridge upper and lower chakras; process aesthetic impulses

Themes: Balancing; harmonizing physical and mental realms and inner and external voices

Beliefs: Group bonding; love of self and others

Quest: A blending of self and the divine, bridging physical and spiritual worlds

Mind-set: Belonging; empathy; relationships

Fears: Being unloved, controlled by others, and intimate; beyond recovery from emotional wounds

Boundary Issues: Alienation; caretaking addiction; co-dependency; loneliness

Emotions: Joy or hurt, peace or despair, love or anger, compassion or hard-heartedness

Excesses: Coldness, impatience, jealousy and lacking boundaries; inappropriate surrender

Deficiencies: Bitter, critical, grieving, lonely, resentful, shy, and unforgiving

Affirmations: "I have the right to love, and I have the right to be loved."
“I am open to receiving love and have the strength for creating this day.”
“I feel hurt, and I release my anger and bitterness to the universe.”
"I am open to life, and I am compassionate and merciful."
”I am grateful for myself and others, and I forgive those who have hurt me.”
“I feel love of life now, and I appreciate the caring shown to me by others.”
“I feel an emotional balance and send a blessing to those in pain.”
“I am rich in love and feel free from indebtedness.”
“I deeply care for myself, and I know that love is divine power.”5th or Throat Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Neck, between medial collarbones and jaw or occipital ridge

Anatomy: Cervical vertebra, pharyngeal plexus, thyroid, ears, mouth, throat, arms and hands

Element: Ether, sound and vibration

Color: Light sky blue, for calm, cooling, expansion of space and time, soothing and tranquility

Frequency: 38.0 HZ, like the musical note “G;” Sound: EYE, like “I” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Transforms sensations into expressions, enabling communication

Themes: Expressing truth; honoring yourself and others; listening and speaking

Beliefs: Responsibility; right to expression and to be heard; truth

Quest: Manifesting the divine through thoughts, sounds and writings

Mind-set: Creative expression; feeling the unexpressed; hearing and speech

Fears: Lacking authority or power of choice; lying, as it violates body and spirit

Boundary Issues: Sharing too much or unable to express enough; taking in too much or shutting down

Emotions: Expressive or inhibited; empowered or repressed; open and communicative or choked-up

Excesses: Arrogant; blocked communication; too talkative; unable to listen

Deficiencies: Ashamed, fearful of speaking or expression; having poor rhythm

Affirmations: "I have the right to speak and the right to be heard."
“I acknowledge my authentic self, and express myself effectively.”
“I am open to my inner voice and release fears in both day and night.”
"I accept my real feelings, and I appropriately communicate them."
“I am strong enough to genuinely express myself; I let go of false illusions.”
‘I honor all my thoughts and emotions; I creatively convey what is right for me.”
”I speak with honesty and integrity; I avoid ways that are harmful.”
“I commit myself to clarity, and I express the truth as I know it.”
6th or Third Eye Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Brow, between the eyes and back of head; upper face, including eyes, nose and ears

Anatomy: Cranial bones, brain and carotid plexus, and pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands

Element: Light and a combination of ether, air, fire, water and earth

Color: Indigo, like the night sky, for clearing the head, dignity, insight, inspiration and visualization

Frequency: 46.8 HZ, like the musical note “A;” Sound: AYE, like “say” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Knowing; understanding beyond scientific and physical realms

Themes: Trusting; heeding intuition or an inner knowing; making right choices

Beliefs: Culture; right to see past, present and future; self image

Quest: Seeing through the eyes of the divine; higher consciousness; inner vision

Mind-set: Feelings about perceptions of others and self awareness; academic intelligence

Fears: One’s shadow; loss of truth, sound judgment or discipline

Boundary Issues: Mentally or visually over stimulated; lacking perceptions and visions

Emotions: Inspired or disturbed; insightful or clouded; wise or foolish

Excesses: Deluded; headaches; lack of focus; nightmares

Deficiencies: Denial; poor memory or vision; learning disabilities

Affirmations: "I am still and open; I listen to my higher self."
“I take in truth; I let go of my need to have expectations met.”
“I invest my energy in positive thoughts; I release judgments that are no longer true.”
“I love my mind and its power; I use its strength from within me.”
”I feel a more positive attitude; I know that others share my fears.”
"I have the right to see and hear; I have insight and wisdom."
“I feel good today; I am open to relearning the truth.”
“I receive messages from my unconscious; I trust my intuition.”
7th or Crown Chakra: Associated Characteristics

Location: Above the ears, top and center of head, at the baby’s soft spot on the skull

Anatomy: Cerebral cortex; central nervous system; muscular skeletal system; skin

Element: Thought and a combination of ether, air, fire, water and earth

Color: Golden white, for peace, protection, purification, truth and spiritual unity

Frequency: 54.6 HZ, like the musical note “B;” Sound: EEE, like “me” (may be silently expressed)

Purpose: Being one with the universe; seeking a unity of all beings; spiritual wisdom

Themes: Connecting; inviting the divine; living in the present moment

Beliefs: Humanitarianism; religion; right and need to know; spiritual ideas and soul

Mind-set: Judgment of feeling as being messenger or cause of problem

Quest: Divine power; enlightenment; insight to achieve destiny and infinite consciousness

Fears: Loss of meaning or purpose; believing there is no divine force or life after death

Boundary Issues: Being overzealous about beliefs; lacking connection with one’s divine spirit

Emotions: Serene or depressed; calm or worried; unified or isolated; transcendent or ridiculous

Excesses: Alienation, dissociation, overly intellectual or spiritually addiction

Deficiencies: Apathy, depression, materialism and spiritual apathy or skepticism

Affirmations: “I am open to spiritual guidance; I know there is a divine reason for all happenings.”
"I surrender to god's love; I am energized and at peace."
“I feel totally in the present; nothing in the past has authority over me.”
”I feel strength from the divine; I release the need to know why things happen.”
“I feel comfortable right now; I am grateful for the wonderful things of the past.”
“I feel blessed; I am connected with others today.”
“I give to others as I give to the divine; I receive from others as from the divine.”
"I feel oneness with all life; I sense inspiration and release."
Chakras: Breathing and Colors

This work is optional. The Practitioner may wish to guide the client to focus on natural deep breathing while visualizing the color, and its complement, associated with the pertinent chakra. The purpose is to either stimulate the hypoactive chakra or to sedate the hyperactive chakra, seeking balance of the energy center and harmony among the chakras.

The Practitioner and client may use their intuition in selecting appropriate colors, as ancient and modern texts do not always agree on this matter. For example, pink may be associated with the heart chakra.

The following examples are offered for chakra stimulation. For sedation of the energy center, reverse the colors for inhalation and exhalation.

Chakra Inhalation Exhalation
1. Root Bright red of fire Surreal sky blue
2. Sacral Brilliant orange Green shades of nature
3. Solar Plexus Intense lemon yellow Indigo blue with shades of purple
4. Heart Verdant green Violet or golden white
5. Throat Light sky blue Orange, like a fully ripened fruit
6. Brow Indigo or purple Yellow, as in a flame
7. Crown Pure golden white Emerald green

Chakras: Breathing and Affirmations

This work is also optional. In addition or as an alternative to a colorful image, both the Practitioner and client breathe naturally and deeply, while thinking parts of affirmations on inhalation and exhalation. These parts prepare the mind for positive experiences while releasing negativity. Match words of affirmation to rhythm of breathing, and return to conscious breath-work if the mind becomes distracted.

Chakra Example of Silent Inhalation Example of Silent Exhalation
1. Root "I feel grounded to the earth… and feel safe and secure."
2. Sacral "I respect myself… and let my creative life force flow."
3. Solar Plexus "I take responsibility for myself… and find my power within."
4. Heart "I accept who I am… and let love flow unconditionally."
5. Throat "I listen to myself… and communicate my truth."
6. Brow "I trust my intuition… and know what is right for me."
7. Crown "I am guided by higher powers… and am protected by divine grace."

Chakras: Polarity and Related Issues

Polarity is about complementary forces referred to as yin and yang in Asian texts. These forces, like hot and cold or male and female, exist in varying degrees for each of us.

Reiki Massage seeks to balance the polarity at chakras and throughout the entire being. The Reiki Massage Practitioner: 1) uses hand positions to bridge chakra energy centers, staying open and present, 2) focuses on the yang or output, positive polarity chakras, to facilitate change, 3) connects the yin or intake, negative polarity chakras, to sooth and calm and 4) might connect yin chakras, such as the Lower Abdomen and Heart, then Lower Abdomen to the Third Eye, to end a session; alternatively, close with hand positions from the Root chakra upward to fuel the other energy centers.

Chakra Polarity Summary of Basic Issues
1. Root Yang Survival: self, family and community relationships
2. Sacral Yin Creation: physical desire, sensuality and sexuality
3. Solar Plexus Yang Power: self-esteem responsibility and will
4. Heart Yin Love: forgiveness, self-love and compassion
5. Throat Yang Communication: expression of feelings and will
6. Brow Yin Wisdom: awareness, insight and intuition
7. Crown Yang Oneness: openness to higher self and unity with all beings

Chakras: Detailed Factors Related to Reiki Massage

In Reiki Massage, we work on both the anterior and posterior portions of the client’s body. The anterior is associated with feelings, except at the Crown and Third Eye chakras which are mental centers. The posterior is associated with one's will. The anterior and posterior of a chakra are energetically connected.

For balance and harmony: 1) stimulate chakras with deep strokes up the spine, returning slightly more lateral toward the sacrum, and 2) sedate with gentle movements along the spine, from 5th to 2nd chakras, returning just lateral to that toward the occipital ridge.

For the client who prefers to be only prone or supine, use the distant Reiki symbol to access chakras on the lower side. When using the distant Reiki symbol, it is not necessary to distinguish the anterior from posterior chakra for the desired intention.

1st or Root Chakra: Anterior and Posterior

Body Parts: Spine, coccyx, rectum, perineum and legs, including knees, ankles, feet

Physical Dysfunctions: Chronic low-back pain, sciatica, suppressed immune system, varicose veins

Undesired Conditions: Angry, depressed, fearful of change, fickle, insecure, lonely

Pursuits: Being grounded and solid, and having courage, primal securities, trust, will to live

Intentions: Acceptance, Armored, Belonging, Calm, Centered, Comfort, Cozy, Durable,
Endurance, Fearless, Fortified, Grounded, Natural, Nurtured, Protected, Risk free, Safe,
Secure, Sheltered, Shielded, Solid, Stable, Steady, Sturdy, Supported, Survival, Trust,
Unruffled, Welcomed

2nd or Sacral Chakra: Anterior

Body Parts: Bladder, ovaries, sperm, gonads

Physical Dysfunctions: Sex organs, ob-gyn problems

Undesired Conditions: Self-destruction, negative and loss of feelings frigidity, poor boundaries

Pursuits: Sensual pleasure and intimacy, self-love, ability to do things

Intentions: Aroused, Delight, Desirable, Enjoyment, Fluid, Gratified, Indulged, Intimacy,
Optimism, Passion, Pleasure, Sensual, Sexy, Stimulated, Touched, Wonderful

2nd or Sacral Chakra: Posterior

Body Parts: Lower back, sacrum, pelvis, buttocks and reproductive organs

Physical Dysfunctions: Loss of vitality, reproductive system disorders, sciatica

Undesired Conditions: Addictions, past as a prison, and being angry, worried, hopeless

Pursuits: Balance of sexual energies, new beginnings or endings, family

Intentions: Awakened, Competitive, Creative, Emotional, Energized, Fertile, Marvelous,
Moved, Rekindled, Ripe, Unblocked, Vitality

Hara: Anterior

Location: Lower abdomen, 2 finger-widths below navel

Undesired Conditions: Distracted, lacking direction, overly or under-critical, picky, sloppy

Pursuits: Being centered, objective, purposeful

Intentions: Attentive, Balanced, Focused, In my body

Hara: Posterior

Body Parts: Kidneys, spleen, urinary tract, vertebra above coccyx

Physical Dysfunctions: Lower back, kidney, spleen, urinary problems

Undesired Conditions: Fearful of becoming a victim or being or taken advantage of

Pursuits: Sense of abundance and gentleness

Intentions: Abundance, Generous, Gentleness, Prosperity, Replenished, Rich, Wealth

3rd or Solar Plexus: Anterior

Body Parts: Abdomen, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach

Physical Dysfunctions: Anorexia, bulimia and other food disorders, diabetes, digestive problems, ulcers

Undesired Conditions: Frustration, depression, powerlessness, worry

Pursuits: Autonomy, freedom, humor, peace, personal power, risk taking, will

Intentions: Achievement, Bold, Brave, Constructive, Courageous, Daring, Empowered, Freedom, Honor, Powerful, Self esteem, Strong, Willful, Worry free

3rd or Solar Plexus: Posterior

Body Parts: Diaphragm, adrenals, T11 – L2

Physical Dysfunctions: Arthritis, adrenal, metabolism and nerve dysfunctions, sleep apnea

Undesired Conditions: Fearful, hyperactive, listless, moody

Pursuits: Being active, confident, energetic, and seeking inner harmony, sense of self

Intentions: Activated, Confident, Conviction, Disciplined, Electrified, Esteem, Fabulous, Feeling, Fortitude, Glowing, Invigorated, Lively, Made well, Persistent, Radiant, Resolute, Robust,
Sprightly, Steadfast, Strength, Sure, Tenacity, Vigorous, Vivacious, Warm, Zest

4th or Heart Chakra: Anterior

Body Parts: Front of chest, heart, immune system, thymus

Physical Dysfunctions: Heart, circulation or vagus nerve problems, asthma, allergies

Undesired Conditions: Being under attack, guilt, inability to love, jealousy, self-pity

Pursuits: Balance, giving and receiving unconditional love, joy, respect, surrender

Intentions: Accepting, Accord, Adaptive, Admired, Affection, Balanced, Benevolent, Cared for, Caring, Celebrated, Cherished, Compassion, Contented, Deserving, Equanimity, Fullness, Giving, Gladness, Griefless, Guiltless, Harmony, Healed, Innocence, Integrated, Kind, Less anger, Love, Moderate, Patience, Relished, Respected, Serene, Spoiled, Stillness, Surrender, Tame,
Tenderness, Tranquil, Union, Sympathy, Unobliged, Valued, Wanted, Worthy

4th or Heart Chakra: Posterior

Body Parts: Arms, back of chest (opposite heart and lungs), shoulders

Physical Dysfunctions: Arm problems, heart and lung disease, shoulder, upper torso

Undesired Conditions: Burden, chaos, hopelessness, melancholy

Pursuits: Forgiveness, gratitude toward self and others, virtue, vitality, willfulness

Intentions: Absolved, Acknowledged, Adulation, Altruistic, Amiable, Appreciated, Atonement, Breathful, Care free, Considerate, Coupled, Ease, Embraced, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Exonerated, Forgiveness, Friendly, Full hearted, Goodness, Grateful, Gratitude, Heartfelt, Hope, Hugged, Humility, Merciful, Mobile, Modest, Pardoned, Release, Relief, Reprieve, Romantic, Soft-hearted, Sympathy, Thankful, Tolerant, Upbeat

5th or Throat Chakra: Anterior

Body Parts: Front of neck, jaw, parathyroid, thyroid

Physical Dysfunctions: Bronchial, mouth, throat, thyroid, TMJ and vocal problems

Undesired Conditions: Choked-up, restricted, sad, unwilling to change

Pursuits: Seeking creativity, expressiveness, generosity, lucid dreams, release

Intentions: Authentic, Communicative, Creative, Expressive, Genuine, Honesty, Integrity,
Intelligible, Open, Responsive, Sincere, Truthful, Unambiguous

5th or Throat Chakra: Posterior

Body Parts: Arms, back of neck, cervical vertebrae, shoulders

Physical Dysfunctions: Neck and shoulder aches, spinal and hypothalamus problems, scoliosis

Undesired Conditions: Burdened by wrong-doing, in denial, not accepted, stubborn

Pursuits: Being connected, forgiving, relaxed, service to others, and having sense of self

Intentions: Adept, Agreement, Commitment, Complimented, Different, Distinct, Individuality,
Loving, Loyalty, Magnetic, Nursed, Playful, Quietness, Receptive, Reliable, Sense of self,
Silence, Treasured, Understood

6th or Third Eye: Anterior

Body Parts: Brow, ears, eyes, nose, pituitary gland

Physical Dysfunctions: Brain, eye, ear and pituitary gland and sinus problems, headaches

Undesired Conditions: Aimless wandering, directionless, indecisive

Pursuits: Detachment, idealism, perseverance, tolerance, wisdom

Intentions: Astute, Certain, Clarity, Clearness, Decisive, Detached, Ethical, Lucid,
Open minded, Present, Sensitive

6th or Third Eye: Posterior

Body Parts: Back of head, brain, medulla oblongata

Physical Dysfunctions: Learning disabilities, brain and nerve disorders, seizures

Undesired Conditions: Burdened, suffocated, uninspired, uncreative

Pursuits: Ability to do things sensibly, being inspired and insightful

Intentions: Alert, Aware, Discerning, Imaginative, Insightful, Inspired, Intelligent,
Intuitive, Inventive, Logical, Mindful, Perceptive, Practical, Selective, Sensible, Vision

7th or Crown Chakra: Anterior and Posterior

Body Parts: Central nervous system, cerebrum, pineal gland

Physical Dysfunctions: Oversensitivity to light and sound, unexplained chronic fatigue

Undesired Conditions: Alienation, delusion, limited beliefs, moody, pride, victimized

Pursuits: Happiness, oneness with life and the divine, unity, wholeness

Intentions: Aligned, Altered, Awesome, Blessed, Bliss, Cheerful, Cleansed, Composed,
Congruence, Connected, Contact, Devout, Ebullient, Ecstasy, Egoless, Enchanted,
Enlightened, Exquisite, Faith, Fellowship, Floating, Free, Fulfilled, Glorious, Grace,
Grand, Happy, Heavenly, Helped, Holy, Humble, Inner peace, Introspective, Inviting,
Joined, Joy, Knowing, Lightness, Limitless, Magnificent, Nirvana, Noble, Nothing,
Oneness, Peace, Perfect, Purified, Purposeful, Rapture, Rejoice, Reverence, Righteous,
Sacred, Selfless, Significant, Solitude, Soulful, Spacious, Spiritual, Timeless,
Transcendent, Understanding, Unity, Wise

Intentions and Related Primary Chakra: Anterior and Posterior

“A” indicates if the intention’s primary related chakra is anterior
“P” is used if focus for the intention is on the posterior chakra
“C” shows that a combination of a chakra’s anterior and posterior is related to an intention

Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Absolved P
Abundance P
Acceptance C
Accepting A
Accord A
Achievement A
Acknowledged P
Activated P
Adaptive A
Adept P
Admired A
Adulation P
Affection A
Agreement P
Alert P
Aligned C
Altered C
Altruistic P
Amiable P
Appreciated P
Armored C
Aroused A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Astute A
Atonement P
Attentive A
Authentic A
Awakened P
Aware P
Awesome C
Balanced A
Belonging C
Benevolent A
Blessed C
Bliss C
Bold A
Brave A
Breathful P
Calm C
Cared for A
Carefree P
Caring A
Celebrated A
Centered C
Certain A
Cheerful C
Cherished A
Clarity A
Cleansed C
Clearness A
Comfort C
Commitment P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Communicative A
Compassion A
Competitive P
Complimented P
Composed C
Confident P
Congruence C
Connected C
Considerate P
Constructive A
Contact C
Conviction P
Coupled P
Courageous A
Cozy C
Creative P
Daring A
Decisive A
Delight A
Deserving A
Desirable A
Detached A
Devout C
Different P
Discerning P
Disciplined P
Distinct P
Durable C
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Ease P
Ebullient C
Ecstasy C
Egoless C
Electrified P
Embraced P
Empathy P
Emotional P
Empowered A
Enchanted C
Endurance C
Energized P
Enjoyment A
Enlightened C
Enthusiasm P
Equanimity A
Esteem P
Ethical A
Exonerated P
Expressive A
Fabulous P
Faith C
Feeling P
Fearless C
Fellowship C
Fertile P
Floating C
Fluid A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Focused A
Forgiveness P
Fortified C
Fortitude P
Free C
Freedom A
Friendly P
Fulfilled C
Full hearted P
Fullness A
Generous P
Gentleness P
Genuine A
Giving A
Gladness A
Glorious C
Glowing P
Goodness P
Grace C
Grand C
Grateful P
Gratified A
Gratitude P
Griefless A
Grounded C
Guiltless A
Happy C
Harmony A
Healed A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Heartfelt P
Heavenly C
Helped C
Holy C
Honesty A
Honor A
Hope P
Hugged P
Humble C
Humility P
Imaginative P
Individuality P
Indulged A
In my body A
Inner peace C
Innocence A
Insightful P
Inspired P
Integrated A
Integrity A
Intelligent P A
Intimacy A
Introspective C
Intuitive P
Inventive P
Invigorated P A
Inviting C
Joined C
Joy C
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Kind A
Knowing C
Less anger A
Lightness C
Limitless C
Lively P
Logical P
Love A
Loving P
Loyalty P
Lucid A
Made well P
Magnetic P
Magnificent C
Marvelous P
Merciful P
Mindful P
Mobile P
Moderate A
Modest P
Moved P
Natural C
Nirvana C
Noble C
Nothing C
Nursed P
Nurtured C
Oneness C
Open A
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Open minded A
Optimism A
Pardoned P
Passion A
Patience A
Peace C
Perceptive P
Perfect C
Persistent P
Playful P
Pleasure A
Powerful A
Practical P
Present A
Prosperity P
Protected C
Purified C
Purposeful C
Quietness P
Radiant P
Rapture C
Receptive P
Rekindled P
Rejoice C
Release P
Reliable P
Relief P
Relished A
Replenished P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Reprieve P
Resolute P
Respected A
Responsive A
Reverence C
Rich P
Righteous C
Ripe P
Risk-free C
Robust P
Romantic P
Sacred C
Safe C
Secure C
Selective P
Self esteem A
Selfless C
Sensible P
Sensitive A
Sense of self P
Sensual A
Serene A
Sexy A
Sheltered C
Shielded C
Significant C
Silence P
Sincere A
Softhearted P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Solid C
Solitude C
Soulful C
Spacious C
Spiritual C
Spoiled A
Sprightly P
Stable C
Steadfast P
Steady C
Stillness A
Stimulated A
Strength P
Strong A
Sturdy C
Supported C
Sure P
Surrender A
Survival C
Sympathy P
Tame A
Tenacity P
Tenderness A
Thankful P
Timeless C
Tolerant P
Touched A
Tranquil A
Transcendent C
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Intention/Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Treasured P
Trust C
Truthful A
Unambiguous A
Unblocked P
Understanding C
Understood P
Unity C
Unobliged A
Unruffled C
Upbeat P
Valued A
Vigorous P
Vision P
Vivacious P
Wanted A
Warm P
Wealth P
Welcomed C
Willful A
Wise C
Wonderful A
Worry free A
Worthy A
Zest P
Chakra: 1st 2nd Hara 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Transition from Talk to Touch

Unlike massage therapy which usually is based on soft-tissue manipulation, Reiki Massage focuses on communication at an energetic level. This is more intuitive than predetermined systematic methods.

The Practitioner interviews the client regarding conscious anatomical and emotional conditions, as well as intention. Clues of the client’s goal, basic issues, values and spiritual premise are tactfully sought at this initial stage, respecting the client’s possible need for privacy in these matters. If the discussion reveals fears or dysfunctions, the Practitioner also uses these to identify the chakra and physical area of focus.

Clients may not be conscious of an intention such as “relaxed.” A more refined intention can be revealed in clients’ identification of where they imagine or remember being relaxed. The Practitioner might interpret a focal chakra based on the client’s “relaxation space.” For example, “my family’s cabin”: 1st chakra (earth element), “by the sea”: 2nd chakra (water element), “by an open fire’: 3rd chakra (fire element), “with my sweetheart”: 4th chakra, “singing in the shower”: 5th chakra, “reading a good book”: 6th chakra, and “in my place of worship”: 7th chakra.

The Practitioner seeks balance of elements, related to chakras and their associated intentions or emotions. For example with a lethargic client, the Practitioner invites the fire element for activation of the 3rd chakra. This can be done through prayer, intent and visualizations, and works with colors too.

It is suggested to imagine or surround oneself in the color related to the specific chakra. The Practitioner and client can visualize a primary color, and its complement, to open and balance a chakra. Red, orange or yellow can be used to stimulate depleted energy flows, and green, blue and indigo used for soothing overactive areas. To overcome a non-intention such as anger at the Root chakra, breathe in red and exhale blue for calming. Other color combinations for inhalations and exhalations include orange and green, yellow and indigo, green and white, blue and orange, indigo and yellow, and white and green.

It is the responsibility of the Practitioner to put together appropriate pieces for an effective session. Invite the client to participate in the selection of music and background sounds, consistent with the intention and dominant or weak-link chakra frequency. Together, you can choose affirmations, along with appropriate aromas, colors and visualizations or images, all in alignment with the intention.

After talking and while the client gets on massage table, the Practitioner can refer to these pages. If the Practitioner seeks direction for alignment with a stated intention, then the Practitioner can refer to “Way: Approaches and Path” in the “Intentions” section. If the client’s intention, or something very similar, is not found in the text, then the Practitioner can select the area of focus based on other conditions. For example, if a client asked to feel “electrified” and reported a loss of creativity and passion, then the 2nd chakra would be emphasized in a manner similar to the intention “energized.”

When the client is on the Reiki Massage table, the Practitioner furthers understanding of the client’s conditions through touch and intuition. . For example, combining “relationship to intentions” and “anatomy and dysfunctions,” the Practitioner might: either 1) stimulate the 3rd chakra’s pancreas-spleen immune function with lemon oil and visualization of yellow or 2) use sandalwood oil and blue image to sedate 5th chakra’s bronchial tube dysfunctions. To quiet the senses of the very active client, the Practitioner would apply warm oils, with appropriate essences.

List of Clients' Intentions and Practitioners' Strategies to Work Towards Clients' Intention

The Practitioner: 1) becomes a Reiki conduit and asks for healing and protection on all levels, 2) listens to client conditions and intention or what the client wants to feel, 3) applies understandings to support the client’s intention and use of subtle, universal energy, 4) focuses on the client’s intent, more than on the process and 5) lets go of ego, knowing that the life force will go where it is most needed without violating one’s will or doing any harm.

The Practitioner is encouraged to use intuition to determine the best approach to the session, and this becomes easier with practice. If the Practitioner is uncertain of an approach that is aligned with the client’s intention, then the following ways are suggested.

Client's Intention: Practitioner’s Approach or Path

Absolved: Forgive oneself and others, releasing judgments and condemnations
Abundance: Abandon neediness by letting Reiki guides shift your heart’s desires
Acceptance: Trust intuitions and the higher self, for a sense of belonging and approval
Accepting: Overcome stress with tolerance and openness to divine will, surrendering your ego
Accord: Embrace chaos, being open to possibilities and feeling oneness with the world and Reiki
Achievement: Feel happiness, love and success in the here and now, and express gratitude
Acknowledged:Focus on love of and for yourself, more than seeking approval from others
Activated: Stimulate root and solar plexus chakras to enhance physical energy and will to live
Adaptive: Celebrate the parts coming together, accepting change of circumstances within self
Adept: Embrace self- truths, not blind beliefs, skillfully practicing what you know
Admired: Use the power of Reiki to silence inner and oouer critics, find acceptance of your being
Adulation: Remove blocks to accepting praise and respect; draw awareness to limiting beliefs
Adventurous: Awaken and nourish compassion for the journey, trusting in each moment
Affection: Attain an open state to love, with a receptive and playful imagination
Ageless: Express gratitude for the past, service to the present, and responsibility to the future
Agile: Create a meaningful symbol or image of quickness and dexterity, practicing being nimble
Agreeable: View happenings with detachment, overcoming things that are not to your liking
Agreement: Emphasize possibilities, and expand perceptions of limitations
Aided: Assist energetic healing of sickness, injury, suffering and despair through Reiki
Alert: Increase attention to the present through focused intention and use of Reiki symbols
Aligned: Unite thoughts, feelings and actions with intention, giving thanks for the unity of life
Alive: Warm body tissues deeply, affectionately and patiently, normalizing depleted energy
Altered: Engender deeper self-awareness, listening to Reiki guides toward your potential
Altruistic: Relieve selfishness by sharing the true gift of yourself, with humility and gratitude
Amenabl: Let go of rigidity and become hollow, like a reed or channel for the flow of Reiki
Amiable: Attune to sacred silence, opening to an affability which is otherwise hidden
Animated: Maintain connection with Reiki guides to overcome being drained and exhausted
Appreciated:Focus on opening heart chakra to feel more joy, respect, value and love
Approval: Release unconscious negative feelings, such as rejection, that block achievement
Armored: Invoke the powerful shield of Reiki, grounding and balancing chakras
Aroused: Expand awareness of mind, emotions and body processes, replacing apathy
Astute: Reveal truths with metaphorical thinking, spontaneously responding to perceptions Assurance: Notice and project the sense of relief and peace, distinguishing intuition from impulse
Atonement: Widen your circle of compassion, rewarding yourself with forgiveness and penance
Attentive: Love with the inner child, as the rational mind has less access to sensitive awareness
Attractive: Treat your client as your teacher and sacred dance partner, mentally and physically
Authentic: Promote genuine and vital feelings through associations for expressions of truth
Awakened: Promote the rise of kundalini, with Reiki symbol, unfolding one’s boundless potential
Aware: Pay attention to details and conscious relationships, exercising sensitivity of wholeness
Awesome: Marvel at the wonder of the universe with each breath, sight and step

Backbone: Show steadfast resolution and stamina, not sticking to anything but the truth
Balanced: Create equanimity of yin and yang, each with its own tempo and universal rhythm
Beautiful: Project the sense that the body is the least significant part of one’s body-mind-spirit
Belonging: Transform blocks to relationships by being your true self and present to Reiki’s power
Benevolent: Abandon the ego, opening to the compassionate and benign power of Reiki
Better: Harness the rejuvenating energy of Reiki, using it to replace unresolved distress
Big: Claim great inner joy and peace, being full of the immense universal life forces
Blessed: Feel inner vibrations of Reiki to be on the hallowed path of one’s purpose
Bliss: Move kundalini energy from the root to crown chakra, a union of earth and heaven
Bold: Dissolve boundaries of fear, habit and compliance, acting with integrity and courage
Boosted: Use intention and transformative Reiki to reduce self-defeating thoughts or energy blocks
Brave: Quell fears to prevail over worries and panic, allowing one to take more risks
Breadth: Breathe in Reiki energy, displaying the full spectrum of your own maturity
Breathful: Reduce shallow breathing with mindfulness, relaxing torso physically and energetically
Buoyant: Rise above unfortunate events, asking Reiki to help improve life of yourself and others

Calm: Transmit life force for a spiritual ease, beyond earthly peace and without anger or rigidity
Cared for: Let go of looking for rewards for loving others, while stimulating the heart chakra
Carefree: Release frustrations and negative feelings to Reiki guides for healing and lightheartedness
Caring: Open and strengthen the heart chakra for greater empathy, concern and kindness
Celebrated: Show compassion for yourself and others, recognizing unique qualities of each
Centered: Give stability and meaning to present experiences, thoughts and actions
Certain: Visualize and accept the goal as accomplished, projecting the Usui Reiki symbols around it
Challenged: Respond to stressors with invocations for Reiki guidance toward vigor and healthy patterns
Changed: Assume responsibility for openness to new and positive attitudes, ideas and behaviors
Cheerful: Secure joyful outlook through Reiki’s release of negative energies, overcoming depression
Cherished: Honor yourself and feel the oneness and caring of the divine and others, being treasured
Chipper: Harness the rejuvenating energy of Reiki and use it to replace unresolved distress
Clarity: Apply calm thinking and intuitive sensing as foundations for truth and understanding
Cleansed: Decide to live in a healthier, more spiritual and individual manner for purification
Clearness: Ask Reiki guides for direction, overcoming an indecisive mind and restless body
Comfort: Notice contentment with what is, sensing an ease with both the joys and sufferings of life
Commitment: Express compassion and acceptance, balancing material and spiritual strengths Communicative: State desires honestly, sensitively and directly, for freer flow of Reiki
Compassion: Abandon prejudiced judgments or feelings for greater love of self and others
Competitive: Visualize what it would take to win, and breathe in orange light-energy to the 2nd chakra
Composed: Balance life with Reiki and loving kindness, flowing through unattached desires
Complete: Apply the Usui Master Symbol for strength, wholeness and fulfillment
Complimented: Offer genuine tribute, asking Reiki guides for support of praise and admiration
Composed: Feel a peaceful oneness among yourself, the divine, others and natural places
Confident: Use Reiki for a positive mental attitude with the highest quality and strength of intention
Congruence: Attune the personalities of the inner child, conscious self and higher self
Connected: Establish relationship of selves, others and the divine without binding conflicts
Considerate: Allow the love and wisdom of your higher self to guide you toward unity with all beings
Consoled: Relieve discomfort with Reiki-balance of energies, rather than by justifications
Constructive :Clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras for more power and less self-destructiveness and negativity
Contact: Hold the vision of belonging to something greater than oneself and never being alone
Contented: Use Reiki to let go of desires, their associated frustrations and unfulfilled expectations
Control: Develop greater self-love, dignity and esteem, enlisting the universal force of Reiki
Conviction: Let go of ego and earnestly pursue a path based on your core essence, removing doubts
Cool: Focus on yin pathways, unruffling over-stimulated energies and offering the calm of Reiki
Cooperative: Release competitive thoughts, knowing that Reiki flows freely and in harmony with others
Coordinated: Expand everyday consciousness and harmony of the senses, practical thinking and doing
Coupled: Focus on love, forgiveness, gratitude and joy, connecting mind and body with spirit
Courageous: Proceed with a sense of inner power, where there is neither fear of failure nor cowardice
Cozy: Sense protection from negative energies, feeling safe, comfortable and secure
Creative: Be open to inner child sensations and allow a healthy, imaginative life force to flow
Cured: Experience living as an energy mystery, not as a problem, through higher consciousness

Daring: Embrace the demons and notice their insecurities, fearlessly trusting in the power of Reiki
Decisive: Act on your awareness of what you can change for life’s significant improvements
Delicate: Feel your finer, subtly healthy qualities in the present moment, and offer thanks
Delicious: Do not expect anything, but be open to savoring the scrumptious and delectable
Delight: Move Reiki from hara, to perineum, to crown chakra and back to hara (microcosmic orbit)
Deserving: Know that you and your client/Reiki partner are worthy of receiving Reiki’s benefits
Desirable: Attract appropriate attention, through living in accordance with your core values
Detached: Be guided by your higher self, witnessing objective and subjective phenomena
Detoxified: Cleanse your spiritual heart more by listening than by acting or being
Devout: Dedicate to service of yourself and others, knowing that in giving we receive
Dignified: Be true to your self, in thoughts and deeds, without dishonoring others
Different: Invite Reiki energies of transcendence, noting where energy is held, for the unusual
Diligent :Pay meticulous attention to the here and now, carefully and thoroughly
Discerning: Reveal truth of insights with metaphorical thinking, sensing your first impression
Disciplined: Remember what is really wanted, and pray and act accordingly
Distinct: Trust your inner voice, which comes from your higher self, to be distinguished from others
Divine: Abandon self ego for universal ego, easing anxiety, fear, depression and dissatisfaction
Durable: Bring vulnerabilities into awareness, without judgment, and open to strength and resilience
Dutiful: Expand awareness of mind, emotions and body, overcoming blocks to respectful devotion

Earnest: Ask for Reiki guidance toward serious sincerity, working from the 4th chakra
Ease: Be kind, gentle, loving, graceful and open to possibilities without effort
Ebullient: Know that you are worthy of joyful energies, accepting all of you and the best of life
Ecstasy: Notice and accept the bliss in life, feeling heavenly Reiki and delight in your own being
Effective: Pray for guidance and healing, so as to be of greater service to others and the earth
Egoless: Break illusions that block communion with the divine, and follow the higher self
Elastic: Embrace chaos, being open to possibilities and assistance from Reiki guides
Elated: Reconnect to the authentic self and others, through the euphoric energy of Reiki
Electrified: Enjoy the present, feeling a oneness and magnification of energies that surround you
Embraced: Replace fear with mercy; believe in enduring love, supported by Reiki guides
Empathy: Be open to the power and understanding of what exists in the self and in others
Emotional: Listen to and trust your subjective processes, guided by Reiki and inner voices
Empowered: Assert your divine presence on earth, releasing old patterns of deference and submission
Enchanted: Shift to a more joyful participation in life, abandoning attachments to unattractive thoughts
Encouraged: Transform negative thoughts with Reiki intentions, images, affirmations and breathwork
Endurance: Act with integrity and staying power, moving with fortitude from your 1st and 3rd chakras
Energized: Stimulate flow of vital life forces without unnecessary exciting of the senses
Enjoyment: Feel good, noticing that your gladness comes from everywhere and everyone
Enlightened: Become open to the higher self, where there are no time and space qualities, only oneness
Enthusiasm: Marry your source of inspiration and expression, listening to your inner voice of passion
Equanimity: Fill self with poise and calm, letting go of ego and allowing your higher self to emerge
Esteem: Recognize self images and let go of negative thoughts and behaviors, savoring the best
Ethical: Focus on intention and healthy boundaries, letting Reiki flow where it is most needed
Exonerated: Release negative thoughts and energies, feeling forgiveness, vindication and pardon
Expansive: Stimulate the flow of Reiki for a combination of lightness and being grounded
Expressive: Overcome fear of being judged and rejected, concentrating on the throat chakra
Exquisite: Attune to the sacred energy of Reiki, sensing the delicate beauty within

Fabulous Balance metabolism, reducing neurotransmitter responses and increasing serotonin level
Fairness Reflect on collective wisdom and inner voices of Reiki guides, for equity and justice
Faith Demonstrate trust in Reiki, which may seem unpredictable and magical, but is effective
Intention Way: Practitioner’s Approach or Path
Faithful Remove doubts and suspicions, trusting and being true to your authentic self
Feeling Blend lower chakra desires with higher impulses, focusing on the solar plexus chakra
Fearless Focus on trust, understanding, respect, and devotion to dissolve insecurity and anxieties
Fellowship Open the heart and spirit to a consciousness of partnership, with a connection to all
Fertile Guide Reiki, with hand positions, to the 2nd chakra and related energy centers
Fine Sense oneness with the clouds and all things, feeling content, healthy and safe
Fit Maintain a perpetual dance between subjective and objective ways for well being
Fit in Connect honestly with yourself, noticing that you are connected to everyone else
Flexible Respect the Reiki symbols and guides, adapting energy practices to circumstances
Floating Release restricting thoughts, trusting in Reiki guides and allowing weightless suspension
Fluid Focus on an uninhibited flow of love and compassion for ease of mind-body functions
Flying Let go of burdens to soar, emphasizing the air element of the heart chakra
Focused Get rid of distracting thoughts and behaviors by opening hara energies, centering one
Forgiveness Accept and pardon what has happened without bias or motive and with all your heart
Forgiving Attach no blame to yourself or others, focusing on compassionate habits with optimism
Fortified Invite protection, preparedness and strength from Reiki guides and other higher powers
Fortitude Persevere in transcending life’s illusions and limitations or challenges
Free Identify with nothing, yet be conscious of everything, and trust your inner voice
Freedom Declare openness to courage, hard work, persistence and uniting from the heart
Friendly Welcome a large circle of allies, knowing that you are all one in the universe
Fulfilled Offer Reiki to feel the total achievement of your entire divine purpose, here and now
Full hearted Breathe deeply, with and in your heart, leading to a radiant path of true purpose
Fullness Establish and maintain a harmony of energies for health, purpose and relationships

Gallant Know your fears and seek help of Reiki guides in moving through these parts of you
Gayety Surround yourself with joy and laughter, delighting in the pleasures of life
Generous Balance hara to offset fear of being taken advantage of or not having enough
Gentleness Apply Reiki lightly, with pauses like spaces between musical notes that avoid cacophony
Genuine Support intentions and truth from the heart, mind and soul, guided by your higher self
Giving Love with attention, care and commitment, through Reiki
Gladness Invite the client to be filled with love and gratitude, not anger or worries
Glorious Open to all that is good, sensing and expressing the magnificence of life
Glowing Open to the bright light of Reiki and feel radiance from within, giving thanks for yourself
Goodness Invest in kindness and righteousness, supported by the integrity of Reiki
Good will Offer the possibility of peace, seeking Reiki guidance for ease and determination
Gorgeous Know that beauty depends more on manifestation of love than on cosmetic appearances
Grace Surrender to unconscious higher powers toward an elegant oneness with the divine
Grand Experience a splendid unity with the divine, beyond words or intellect
Grateful Think kindly of people and situations, noticing beauty and becoming more appreciative
Gratified Sense a gladness from everyone and everywhere, expressing your thankfulness
Gratitude Acknowledge the greatness of the creative force and connectivity of all life
Great Clear self-defeating thoughts and energy blocks, sensing immense well being
Griefless Stabilize emotions, for inner calm, and protect from situations producing sadness
Grounded Increase awareness of the body, earth, nature and unity with the divine through Reiki
Growth Convey a sincere desire to learn about oneself, for personal development
Guiltless Forgive your wrong doings, honoring your innocence and freeing you from fault
Gusto Quiet the mind of noisy, ego-driven thoughts, enthusiastically enjoying the present

Handsome Respond to feelings of being unattractive with healthy thoughts and behaviors
Happy Transform the mind if necessary, and know that you have enough and that you are enough
Harmony Seek a balanced combination of positive and negative energies and experiences
Healed Apply a combination of love, compassion and graceful actions for desired health
Healthy Express a right attitude for more effective spiritual and functional wellness
Heartfelt Love your body, mind and spirit, sincerely releasing fears, anger, worry or sadness
Heavenly Connect with innermost being, beyond physical manifestation; release dreadful thoughts
Helped Be an impartial witness to negative thoughts, releasing these and accepting blessings
Helpful Let the rhythm and proportions of experiences flow for greater cooperation and meaning
Holy Integrate the fullness and purity of here and now with Reiki energies of transcendence
Honesty Focus on throat chakra to take in, assimilate and express true feelings
Honor Feel the freedom, joy and satisfaction of giving and receiving Reiki
Hope Embrace Reiki energies to dispel despair, focusing on the heart and not the mind
Hugged Lift grief and offer assurance of well being, focusing on the richness of life and Reiki
Humble Thin the ego, softening and opening to the divine power of Reiki
Humility Communicate gratitude and awe for the vast unknown and all-powerful hidden force
Intention Way: Practitioner’s Approach or Path
Humor Accept without judgment, the wittiness and joy in the daily business of life

Identity Tune into what is felt, as these sensations and core values primarily define who we are
Imaginative Stimulate creative emotions, balancing giving and receiving of feelings
Immortal Offer openness, kindness, dignity and trust in Reiki guides and other higher powers
Important Express appreciation for one’s special nature and gratitude for everyday experiences
Improved Strive for something better or finer, with ease and enhanced function
Independent Take full responsibility for your attitudes and health, guided by the power of Reiki
Individuality Commit to an intimate relationship with inner consciousness, and act distinctively
Indulged Embrace the moment, basking in the glow of Reiki, and letting yourself be pampered
Influential Attach no blame to yourself or others, and focus on powerful habits with optimism
In my body Release excess head energy with Power symbol at hara, becoming more self-aware
Inner peace Be attentive and content with the present, at ease with transience, and conscious of unity
Innocence Replace guilt with unconditional love, opening the heart chakra to virtue and purity
Insightful Discover the right course of action by sensing and listening to Reiki guides
Inspired Open chakras, in microcosmic orbit, at occipital base to ease burdens and suffocation
Integrated Know and express the divine within, while honoring the god or goddess of others
Integrity Choose the path of honesty and uprightness, asking Reiki-guided inner voices for truth

Intelligent Awaken the 6th chakra for a more open-minded awareness of intellectual gifts
Intelligible Focus on the intention and flow of Reiki, inviting clear and logical expression
Intimacy Surround yourself with consideration in close relationships, confident in your being
Introspective Explore and develop an understanding of oneself and the world, seeking the truth
Intuitive Engage your senses with a curiosity about what is happening at the present moment
Inventive Feel alright about appearing foolish, as you follow the truth of Reiki’s ways
Invigorated Revitalize energies that cause one to wither, using the Power symbol for blooming
Inviting Welcome the unbidden arrival of the light of Reiki, as in a moment of grace
Involved Invite the client to actively participate in life, as appropriate, noting barriers to taking part

Joined Connect honestly with yourself, and notice that you are one with all other beings
Jolly Let go of anger, fear and hurt, replacing these emotions with bright Reiki energies
Jovial Experience good-humored Reiki, sometimes serious and sometimes playful
Joy Redirect core energies toward the realization that the self is responsible for happiness
Jubilant Remove darkness and sadness with vibrant, triumphant and delightful Reiki energy
Justice Transform negative subtle energies and wrong-doings by positive intentions and actions
Justified Console yourself with beauty in the universe, instead of seeking vindication

Kind Activate the 4th chakra, promoting a deep caring and communion of mind and body
Knowing Experience heart-felt feelings and connectedness to all, beyond that of a rational being

Lengthened Open to change, allowing your being to constantly be stretched and expanded
Less anger Stop complaining and turn kindness, compassion and understanding into reality
Less pain Notice annoyances and examine fears and other causes of discomfort, then let them go
Liberated Transform or dissipate negative subtle energies with positive intentions and actions
Lightness Feel the buoyancy of heaven and earth’s energies, in a playful state of meditation
Limitless Breath in divine life force and exhale perceived boundaries, fears, doubts and regrets
Liquidity Create ease of movement by using Reiki to free congested energy and muscle tension
Lively Eliminate energy blocks at adrenal point, above kidneys, overcoming slowness or lethargy
Logical Grasp the issue from the left, analytical side of the brain, as a detached witness
Loose Direct attention, including breath, to bodily functions to free blocks of divine life forces
Love Appropriately express, accept and teach deep caring; this is the highest goal
Lovely Release negative perceptions and judgments, opening more to your exquisite beauty
Loving Stimulate 5th chakra for a greater openness and compassion toward life, self and others
Loyalty Demonstrate faithfulness, asking Reiki guides for assistance toward devoted commitment
Lucid Remove energy blocks at 5th and 6th chakras for greater knowing and flow of expressions

Luxurious Dissolve thoughts of insufficiencies and open to the sumptuous abundances of life

Made well Balance diaphragmatic chakra for healing intentionality toward one’s health
Magnetic Attract, sense and express the beauty of everyday life, emphasizing the 5th chakra
Magnificent Experience the splendor of divine brilliance and limitless grace and love
Marvelous Feel the wonder of your inner being, its magnificence and its unconditional love
Mature Play and breathe naturally, displaying the full spectrum of your prime being
Meaningful Imagine healing the deepest wound at the core of ourselves, giving purpose to life
Melted Let Reiki release muscular armoring and blocked feelings, tranquilizing the body
Merciful Recognize and accept negative feelings toward others as the same feelings toward oneself
Mindful Listen, listen and listen more deeply, being attentive to the self and all that surrounds you
Mobile Free energy blocks at posterior heart chakra for more understanding and freedom
Moderate Seek balance, leading with your strengths and avoiding perceived weaknesses
Intention Way: Practitioner’s Approach or Path
Modest Strip away pride and fill your heart with Reiki light and goodness
Moved Focus on new beginnings or endings, stimulating inspiration and vitality

Natural Stimulate 1st chakra for greater understanding, trust and connection with nature’s ways Needed Trust intuition for what is wanted, manifesting the most desirable traits with integrity
New Do something out of the ordinary, and seek Reiki guidance for a fresh beginning
Nirvana Abandon the self and dualistic concepts like fear and desire, for oneness with the divine
Noble Know that Reiki works for the highest good, at all levels, in alignment with divine forces Nothing Detach from human desires and discomforts through association with higher energies
Nursed Prepare to listen to inner voices, assisted by Reiki, by opening to the diversity within
Nurtured Replace thoughts that are draining with the comforting and restorative energy of Reiki

Oneness Transmit our likeness to all beings, knowing we are all given life by universal energy
Open Be conscious and expressive of the self, accepting and experiencing one’s individuality
Open minded Get more active, out of your comfort zone, letting go of judgments and seeing success
Optimism Free blocked energies at sacrum to ease hopelessness and to use the past as a resource
Organized Imagine Reiki harmonizing the flow of mind, body and spiritual energies

Pain free Balance energy, with appropriate hand positions, instead of chasing pain
Pardoned Release expectations and judgments, compassionately witnessing forgiveness and comfort
Passion Enjoy present possibilities with fervor, saying “yes” to the powers of Reiki
Patience Assume responsibility for anger and worries, releasing feelings of anxiety and impatience
Peace Convey an inner and global unity of spiritual consciousness, feeling a calm serenity
Peace maker Encounter the worst of our most fearsome nature, asking for and trusting inner guidance
Perceptive Lift burdens and blocks to insights with Reiki assistance, focusing on the 6th chakra
Perfect Accept who you are now, as a mirror-like reflection of divine energies
Permitted Encourage exploration and development of perspectives within and beyond oneself
Persistent Persevere, with trust in Reiki guides, determined to reach a goal in each moment
Playful Laugh and have fun to reconnect with the light-hearted, curious and creative inner child

Pleasant Use agreeable pathways of thought and action, and let yourself feel satisfaction
Pleasure Connect the physical self with universal energy for harmony and enjoyment
Poise Invite a sense of groundedness, dignity and self-assurance with the help of Reiki guides
Polished Rely not on form or color of being, just notice your refined, practiced and graceful ways
Positive Transmute negative energies by passing them through chakras in the microcosmic orbit
Powerful Remember that subtle energy, directed by the mind, is responsible for good and bad
Practical Strengthen the pituitary point at the brow chakra for sense of purpose and decisiveness
Prayerful Contact Reiki energies through attitude, actions and perseverance
Precise Release judgments of imperfection, and open to caring with compassion and accuracy
Present Pay focused attention to the relatedness of bodies, emotions and souls of all living things
Prosperity Listen to and tell stories of success, seeing a healthy world full of riches
Protected Activate Reiki attunements to minimize energy depletion and overcome negative energies
Prudent Demonstrate discretion, good judgment, and economy of movement in Reiki practices
Purified Ask for divine guidance, empowerment and protection on your path to being cleansed
Purposeful Be open to and apply spiritual understanding to the present experience

Quietness Ease nerve tensions with each Reiki position for a mood of calm and stillness

Radiant Invite healing Reiki energies for a bright inner glow and loving joyfulness
Rapture Rediscover oneness with your being or indestructible essence, your true nature
Reality Shift the imagination, from creator of fantasies, to revealer of truth and certainty
Receptive Clear posterior point of throat chakra to rise above stubbornness or nonacceptance
Recognition Choose an attitude of thankfulness and joy, focusing on life’s blessings
Recovered Get over unfortunate events, trusting in Reiki and taking steps for improvement
Refreshed Breath deeply to energize the flow of Reiki, concentrating on the solar plexus and hara
Rekindled Tune into what is energizing, and employ these senses for a renewed vitality
Rejoice Celebrate one’s many blessings, as an antidote to fear, anger and worry
Rejuvenated Invigorate the mind, body and spirit by opening channels of Reiki energy
Relaxed Lull the turmoil of daily living and give a sense of floating, like on a cloud or in an ocean
Release Open your heart to the bearer of divine energy, surrendering your will
Reliable Convey trustworthiness, in a deep and unfailing respect for self and others
Relief Identify the fear or origin of discomfort, and send loving energy to ease pain and worry
Relieved Widen the circle of compassion with Reiki to enhance forgiveness, easing burdens or grief
Relished Honor the body as a sensitive receiver of appreciation and wise teacher of pleasure
Renewed Guide Reiki to the chakra appropriate for desired change in habitual patterns
Replenished Activate the hara (hui yin) and balance the seven major chakras, feeling Reiki’s energy
Reprieve Forgive those who have trespassed, wishing them health and well being; take a break
Resilient Risk being overcome, encompassing yourself in a durable, yet flexible, shield of Reiki
Resolute Connect with earth and will power energies, being grounded, clear and determined
Respected Appreciate and honor the values and actions of self and others, from your heart
Responsive Let go of fears of feeling and overvaluing self-control, being open to Reiki guides
Restored Develop a clear image of the problem, and then state the healing purpose to Reiki guides

Reverence Communicate respect for the divine forces of Reiki guides and other higher powers
Revitalized Correctly draw or visualize Reiki symbols to tap into physical and etheric energy pools
Rich Open up to the abundances of life, dissolving thoughts of insufficiency, with Reiki support
Righteous Devote thoughts and prayers to the relationship of one to the universe and higher beings
Ripe Invite Reiki guides to help give forth the energy and mature wisdom of your harvest
Risk-free Ease feelings of insecurity and vulnerability in a safe, quiet and comfortable space
Robust Replace outmoded beliefs of weakness with the vitality of Reiki, and feel present vigor

Romantic Share passionate love for all of creation and the life-transforming energy of Reiki
Roused Listen compassionately to the whole being, the flow of Reiki in others is part of you
Ruffled Stir Reiki, from toes to head, while not smoothing the internal and external energy fields

Sacred Devote thoughts and Reiki prayers to the relationship of oneself to the universe
Safe Embrace the ebb and flow of life according to the sound laws of nature
Satisfied Substitute negative emotions, and fearful reactions to the mind, with contentment
Secure Transmit a sense of safety and trust, knowing the earth gives us grounding Reiki energies
Sedated Calm excess fear or paranoia through the intent to balance the 2nd chakra
Selective Be open to and trust your Reiki guides for right thinking and right actions
Self aware Commit to being present to sensations of the moment, including energy vibrations
Self control Take responsibility and action for your life, asking assistance from Reiki guides
Self esteem Use the mental/emotional, distant and power symbols to clear blocks of acceptance
Selfless Offer manifestations and Reiki intentions only for the highest, most noble good
Sensible Let go of irrational attachments, yielding to Reiki and other forces beyond oneself
Sensitive Focus attention, with all senses, on what is important or essential in the present
Sense of self Balance base-of-neck chakra for clarity of one’s role in society and one’s profession
Sensual Awaken the mystical and physical knowing of oneself and your surroundings
Serene Integrate desires with higher impulses, uniting peaceful earthly and spiritual aspects
Sexy Stimulate creativity and pure emotions, overcoming suppressed natural needs
Sheltered Fill yourself with love so that you will be protected and not take on any harm
Shielded Invoke the powerful protection of Reiki, grounding and balancing the chakras
Significant Know that Reiki connects one with the divine, toward a deeper, more meaningful reality
Silence Tune into and accept the gentle Reiki quietness of your mind and spirit
Simplicity Accept less complexity outwardly, and more richness and abundance inwardly
Sincere Be authentic, sensitive and truthful in thoughts, words and deeds, genuinely using Reiki
Smoothed out Breath in the calmness of Reiki and exhale tension, sensing deep relaxation
Softhearted Be vulnerable and humble in the accumulation and use of power through Reiki practices
Solid Send grounding energy to perineum for balancing insecurities and loneliness
Solitude Create a sense of separation without isolation; this is especially good for the soul
Soothed Be quiet, attentive, and empty, observing thoughts but not being captivated by them
Soulful Be open to love of giving and receiving in a divine union of wisdom and compassion
Spacious Transmute a cramped feeling to an open connection of oneness with the divine
Spiritual Concentrate on 1st and 7th chakras, trusting intuition and connecting to the divine universe Splendid Pay particular attention to your inner being, sensing its magnificence, wisdom and love
Spoiled Feel the indulgence of being nurtured, moving beyond self-limitations in your own way
Sprightly Invigorate stagnant energies, while inviting wind and fire elements to dominate
Stable Work from head to toes for centeredness and grounding, overcoming unsteadiness
Steadfast Focus on those things which give life ultimate meaning, and dedicate yourself to them
Steady Balance chakra elements for harmony and security in body, mind and spirit
Stillness Overcome passions and unsettledness by embracing the divine Reiki quiet within you
Stimulated Rouse the body with Reiki, working toward the heart to increase flow of blood and energy
Stirred Release expectations and judgments, feeling compassion, enthusiasm and movement
Strength Abandon thoughts of weakness, and feel the power and force of Reiki
Stretched Pursue areas of fear and discomfort, thinning and transforming them with positive energies
Strong Be an open conduit of universal life force, to enhance mind-body-spirit components
Sturdy Lead with strengths, seeking balance and minimizing perceived weaknesses
Successful State the qualities of compassion and persistence toward becoming what you want
Sufficiency Say yes to opportunities appropriate to our higher selves and no to expectations of others
Sunny Choose to turn away from anxieties and fears, asking guides for a pleasant disposition
Supported Invoke and be open to a healthy network of other beings, connecting with higher powers
Superb Invite Reiki to reduce neurotransmitter response to pain and increase serotonin level
Sure Expand energy flow at adrenal point, T-11, to overcome fears and listlessness
Surrender Give your heart, the center of your being, to the light and love of Reiki
Survival Overcome insecurity and fear of death with trust in higher powers for continued existence

Sympathy Use painful conditions as stepping stones, communicating with courage and honesty

Tame Assume openness to the possibilities of gentleness, tolerance and patience
Tenacity Take responsibility for commitment and firm resolve, persistently acting on your truth
Tenderness Show warmth, kindness and compassion, gently and sensitively, with your heart and hands
Thankful Dispel thoughts of anger, worry and greed, replacing them with, and expressing, gratitude
Thrilled Follow passions naturally and effortlessly, captivated by the delight of higher powers
Timeless Release present and past karma, emptying yourself to be one with the divine
Tolerant Understand anything that is different, and love what we are with heart-felt empathy
Touched Commit to being present to sensations of the moment, feeling cherished and nurtured
Tranquil Open to the grace of love, surrender to higher forces, and feel the peace of Reiki
Transcendent Move beyond delusion and alienation with uplifting Reiki and inspirational images
Transformed Wake up, support the development of latent potentials, and change as needed
Transported Unlock negative beliefs and patterns, and feel the elation of Reiki’s ecstatic energy
Treasured Trust intuition for feeling truly valued, and balance silence, listening and expression
Triumph Focus on understanding, minimizing the need to be obeyed or victorious
Trust Find comfort in the belief that higher powers will guide appropriate vibrations
Truthful Practice open and honest expressions in what you do, sensitively and completely
Unaffected Work gently from a place of peace within you, remaining untouched and impervious
Unafraid Quell feelings of attachment, fear, grief, guilt, illusion, lies or shame before taking action
Unambiguous Clarify the intention, for the client’s internal preparation of external manifestations Unblocked Attune your self as a Reiki conduit, and ask Reiki guides for healing on all levels
Understanding Seek lessons in everyday situations, noticing and accepting what you cannot control
Understood Acknowledge, accept and express the authentic self, allowing Reiki to clear obstructions
Undistracted Allow noises and negative energies to flow through you, like the flow of Reiki
Union Seek indivisible accord, with no sectarian, ethnocentric and nationalistic viewpoints
Unity Convey that there are connections among all beings, in an interdependent whole
Unobliged Give freely and receive without feeling constrained, sensing ease and freedom
Unruffled Reduce fright, or being chronically startled, with a focus on the 1st and 4th chakra
Unselfish Shift from egocentric greed, lust, and malice to selfless, kind, and thoughtful generosity

Unstuck Lose the ego, fears, desires and pride, from self consciousness to the radiance of eternity
Upbeat Overcome grief and pessimism with Reiki balance of the 3rd and 4th chakras
Useful Invite vital forces for self-realization and meaningful boundary awareness

Validated Recognize unique qualities, showing compassion and inviting others to find their truth
Valued Show reverence for each life, compassion for all, and respect truths and actions of others
Vigorous Release attachments to old meanings and ways that have negative or draining energies
Virtuous Accept your goodness, as you do trials and tribulations, as part of a dance that enlightens
Vision Align with the intention, opening to insights and revelations to manifest positive changes
Vitality Let go of disharmonious thought and behavior patterns, linking with creative life energy
Vivacious Invite as much life force as possible for the highest and most lively good
Vulnerable Soften and feel what may be denied, opening to the diversity within

Wanted Get more active, perhaps out of your comfort zone, feeling success and appreciation
Warm Stimulate the fire element of the 3rd chakra, showing respectful comfort and affection
Wealth Trust in the abundance of the universe and within you, knowing there is sufficiency
Welcomed Bring vulnerabilities into awareness, accenting strengths for a warm reception
Well Adjust the unseen energy flow for improved quality of health in all forms
Whole Invite Reiki to all parts to provide for a more balanced, unified and complete being
Willful Balance energy between shoulder blades, enhancing relationships with the outer world

Willing Open to new beginnings, enthusiastically releasing negative beliefs and patterns
Wise Pursue deeper understanding of life’s purpose, relationships, limitations and suffering
Wonderful Align unselfish Reiki intentions with those of higher powers and be open to change
Worry free Ease anxiety and stomach disorders, seeking peace and personal power
Worthy Know that you are enough and deserve the precious energy of Reiki and praise of others

Younger: Transcend human concepts of time, in alignment with higher self and divine energies

Zest: Overcome apathy, feeling passion for life and thanking Reiki guides for support

Universal energy flows through the practitioner’s hands…
The body can then use this energy to rebalance itself. It has been scientifically proven that
energy from healer’s hands alters in its frequency of vibration depending on the body’s needs.

Philip Rafferty, “RESET 1,” Workshop Manual (July 2000)

Intention: Questions and Answers

Q. What should I focus on while practicing Reiki Massage?
A. Most important is to focus attention on the client’s intention and the conditions which support or subvert it. The Practitioner must do this, while respecting the client in other ways, and be open to both the flow of Reiki and the outcome of the session.

Q. Are intuition, imagination and use of Reiki symbols important in Reiki Massage?
A. Yes. In combination with soft-tissue work, based on the client’s intention, intuition and imagination guide consciousness for well being. In this process, which includes use of the Usui System or other traditional symbols, the Practitioner asks for and accepts the divine power of Reiki to assist healing.

Q. What do I need to do to be a Reiki Massage healer?
A. Practice. Practice. Practice. Reiki heals, not the Practitioner. To be a Reiki channel, one must be open, attentive and loving. The Reiki Massage Practitioner brings an attitude of gentle honesty, deep caring, nonjudgment, and humility.

Q. How is humility important for Reiki Massage Practitioners?
A. Being humble is necessary for openness to Reiki guides and other higher powers. Loss of ego or self-importance accompanies the creation of a place of unexpected beauty, based on the client’s intention.

Q. What does a client need to bring to a Reiki Massage session?
A. Openness, intention and worthiness are all important to a transformative session.

Q. Does Reiki Massage involve the principle “no pain, no gain”?
A. No. Reiki Massage is gentle, particularly on joints, and the client’s intention is usually associated with pleasure and relaxation.

Q. Why does Reiki Massage emphasize experiencing pleasure?
A. The path of pleasure is offered to clients as a means to their intentions. Other paths may provide improved health and functioning, but Reiki Massage also invites increased self-awareness, creativity in letting go, and freedom in becoming whole. Reiki Massage is especially appropriate for clients seeking healing and transformation, as well as a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior’s indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity.

-Carlos Castaneda


The Role of the Reiki Massage Therapist

The Practitioner is:

Alert, yet calm and at ease with the situation, knowing that Reiki will do no harm.

Meditative, yet present to the possibilities of transformation for higher good.

Accepting, yet mindful of negative elements that could block out or prevent healing.

Centered, yet flexible, trusting that Reiki will provide healing and protection.

Courageous, yet empowering the client for self healing and development..

Creative, yet disciplined in offering professional care to all.

Discerning, yet compassionate and caring without discrimination.

Effective, yet humble, giving thanks to the client, Reiki guides, and other higher powers.

Energetic, yet supple and kind in thoughts and touch.

Focused, yet without expectations, concentrating on the flow of Reiki in the hands.

Gentle, yet firm in the use of guiding principles and practices.

Grounded, yet moving without physical restrictions or blocks to Reiki.

Intuitive, yet logical in the application of respectful techniques.

Loving, yet non-intrusive in ways that would violate the client’s well being.

Open, yet mindful of accountability for thoughts and actions.

Patient, yet actively engaging the power of Reiki and client self-healing.

Prayerful, yet not with blind faith, asking for mind-body-spirit alignment with intention.

Relaxed, yet attentive to the client’s and one’s own emotional and physical needs.

Responsible, yet stepping aside of ego-driven judgments and procedures.

Sensitive, yet surrendering to Reiki guidance within ethical boundaries.

Strong, yet yielding to the flow of Reiki to where it is most needed.

Thankful, yet releasing attachment to ways inappropriate for the profession.

Code of Ethics: Moral Principles and Practices for Reiki Massage Therapists

Conduct your activities within the law and in a professional manner

  • Engage in no illegal or immoral activities with clients
  • Avoid sexual intentions, contact, comments and innuendos
  • Refrain from conduct which might be construed as inappropriate
  • Do not use any mind-altering drugs before or during professional services
  • Keep up a professional appearance in yourself and your work environment
  • Honor the values and beliefs of others, as well as your own way of being
  • Inform the client as to what might occur, at the beginning and end of each session
  • Maintain client confidentiality, respecting the client’s right to privacy

Do no harm to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of yourself and others

  • Replace negative thoughts, worries and anger with truth, love and compassion
  • Practice loving-kindness in thoughts, words and behaviors, knowing Reiki will do no harm
  • Avoid forceful and manipulative techniques which may be invasive to the client
  • Respect the client’s boundaries, as well as those of your own
  • Treat yourself and each client with courtesy, empathy and dignity
  • Provide proper draping, to ensure safety and comfort of the client
  • Work in coordination with other health care professionals for the client’s highest good
  • Maintain good health habits and help clients and others to do likewise

Respect the client, yourself and the oneness of all life

  • Relax, in mind and body, and open to the flow of Reiki
  • Apply appropriate physical, emotional and mental Reiki symbols
  • Be sincere and use good judgment in the application of Reiki Massage
  • Give full attention to the client’s body language and emotional releases
  • Understand the psychology of therapeutic relationships and power differentials
  • Stay clear and focused on the client’s intention, letting go of your ego
  • Remain open to results, rather than directing or being attached to them
  • Avoid sharing insights, unless the client requests such
  • Express appropriate thanks, truthfulness and authentic feelings, without betraying promises

Promote unity of mind, body and spirit

  • Communicate the Usui methods of natural healing, including harmony with higher powers
  • Express the interconnectedness of all beings, and explain the essence of Reiki Massage
  • Move gradually, joyfully and sensitively, for the client’s ease,in an energetic circuit
  • Use a gentle and firm touch, being aware of client’s physical and psychological boundaries
  • Support the client’s unfolding in a manner that is responsive and comfortable
  • Listen to, feel, and observe senses and intuitions of yourself and your client in the present
  • Be patient and minimize stress by keeping anger and worry at bay
  • Eliminate thoughts and practices that are a barrier to superior performance
  • Thank your Reiki lineage and other higher powers for their ethical guidance

Provide the highest quality service to each client, demonstrating no prejudice

  • Recognize the individuality, beauty and worth of all people and all faiths
  • Acknowledge the value, grace and splendor in each individual, without discrimination
  • Avoid sexist, racist, homophobic, greedy or destructive thoughts
  • Develop a heightened sense of self-accountability, while releasing judgments of self and others
  • Practice deep caring, being attentive, supportive and nurturing
  • Perform in a prayerful, self-motivated, and humble manner
  • Trust in Reiki and your inner guidance toward well being at all levels
  • Assume responsibility for situations, and encourage clients to be responsible for themselves
  • Empower each client for self healing and moral development
  • Show gratitude for the client’s uniqueness and contributions to the session

Follow professional business practices and exceed expectations

  • Organize your work, and systematically maintain client schedules and accurate records
  • Use professional business cards and stationery, and return calls promptly
  • Practice truth in advertising, properly explaining the value of Reiki Massage
  • Charge a fair price for your services, being both modest and generous
  • Keep others informed of your services through mailings, computers and presentations
  • Represent your qualifications and abilities factually, and make referrals as appropriate
  • Make neither diagnoses nor prescriptions, maintaining appropriate scope of work
  • Keep your professional and private lives separate, being sensitive and forthright
  • Maintain Reiki Massage principles, in addition to your integrity

Continuously assess and improve your professional training and excellence

  • Periodically evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and desired areas of growth
  • Set performance goals and take action for self improvement, in a timely manner
  • Practice healing yourself, learning from both positive and negative experiences
  • Enhance your qualifications, knowledge and skills, contributing further to the profession
  • Use only techniques which are for the client’s highest good, avoiding unwanted surprises
  • Work on your own ease, integrity and trust in Reiki
  • Maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being
  • Thank yourself for taking principled action and causing no harm

Work with organizations and individuals to improve your profession

  • Educate the public to eliminate negative concepts and to raise the profession’s image
  • Let physicians and others know of your professional services and high business standards
  • Value other professionals, regardless of organizational affiliations
  • Show compassion for those who would cast doubt on the profession
  • Maintain alliances with other health care professionals
  • Participate in public events which promote client wellness and enhance the profession
  • Build and maintain a good reputation through loyalty, honesty and integrity
  • Serve the well being of all, and express gratitude for help toward the highest good
  • Keep up to date on professional developments, while appraising your own competencies