March 18, 2007

Introduction: Questions and Answers

Q. How can I help clients decide if Reiki Massage is right for them?
A. If they: 1) have depleted energy with chronic stress, 2) suffer from overactive thoughts, 3) pay more attention to external events than their inner being, 4) experience emotional turmoil, or 5) seek greater balance and vitality, and have no medical contraindications, then they should try Reiki Massage.

Q. By practicing Reiki Massage, am I just adding energy therapy to massage techniques?
A. Yes and no. Yes, because of the complementary forces of the two therapies, the combination of techniques offers more than if you applied them separately. No, because other components, such as being intention based, are employed in Reiki Massage in addition to energy therapy.

Q. Why is Reiki Massage so effective?
A. If energy is not balanced, the body is unstable and prone to discomfort and disease. If the body’s systems are not balanced, as with tight muscles and joints, then energy is restricted or overactive. Use of Reiki symbols helps to clear deeply entrenched blockages, including stagnant beliefs. It is the alignment of body energy and other components, initiated by Reiki and guided by intention, which makes Reiki Massage so powerful.

Q. What distinguishes Reiki Massage from other bodywork?
A. While other forms of bodywork may include some of its elements, Reiki Massage seamlessly incorporates intention, gentle movement, imagery, deep breathing, energy balancing and emotional considerations into a single session. This combination enhances effectiveness and helps us to become more aware of sensations, feelings and our creative selves.

Q. What is the process like for the Practitioner and the client in Reiki Massage?
A. Like a ferry operator, the Practitioner learns to be just an instrument in the passage from one phase to the next. It is about how to listen, set aside values and judgments, and make way for positive changes. The session is also about honoring and empowering others, facilitating desirable thoughts and behaviors. For clients, it is like leaving a boat that has carried them where they wanted to go, and continuing on with their journey.

Q. How is Reiki Massage different from other vibrational healing?
A. Vibrational healing, such as with the use of flowers, crystals, sounds, colors and sacred geometry, is limited to a range of specific frequencies. This restricts their application, and these healing methods have a risk of an overdose which can be as harmful as an energy deficiency. Additionally, the body may adapt in ways that alter their effectiveness over time. Because Reiki Massage is about improving energy flow, from which the body can take what it needs, it is safe and effective.

Q. How long does healing take with Reiki Massage?
A. Healing occurs at the pace of each client, and is always possible. Unlike curing or eliminating disease, healing in Reiki Massage has to do with a right relationship to a distress. For example, one might assume responsibility for or accept a condition, instead of blaming or seeking a fix for it.

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