March 18, 2007

Reiki Massage Combines Asian and Western Modalities

In Reiki Massage, there is an understanding of anatomy and physiology, the basis of Western medicine, as well as an integration of subtle energy forces underlying well being. There is also an understanding that emotional disturbances are related to unresolved psychological conflicts, as in Western mental health, and have physical manifestations.

Because emotions are triggered through talk and touch, Reiki Massage is particularly effective in helping to relieve stressful emotions which adversely effect vital organs and other body tissues. During a Reiki Massage, the client’s energy field is empowered to support physical and emotional healing.

Like many forms of Asian medicine, Reiki Massage takes an integrated approach. It honors the intimate connection of mind, body and spirit with the universe. It offers an experience that both soothes and stimulates physically, mentally and emotionally. The goal is to amplify the client’s sense of wholeness, health and well being.

Reiki Massage does not directly or physically fix energy imbalances. Reiki goes where it is most needed, balancing one’s mental, physical and soulful aspects. The Reiki Massage Practitioner is a bridge or conduit in the process for well being.

Reiki Massage is efficient. Different from most Western and Chinese medicine, years of learning are not necessary, because wellness is gained through the client’s intention which guides the session. By relying on the client’s desired state of being, the Practitioner does not have to do a lengthy inventory of client conditions, just look for contraindications and be an open channel of energy for health and wholeness.

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