March 18, 2007

Acknowledgements: Thanks to my Family, Clients and other Teachers

Carla Ennis, CMT, inspiring teacher of advanced Western and Asian massage

Chujiro Hayashi, M.D. (pronounced chu-gee-low ha-ya-shi), dedicated creator of the standard hand positions

Rabiah Lily O’ Cearnaigh, Karuna Reiki Master, teacher and mystic

Beth Rader, CMT, kind-hearted, teacher of deep-tissue massage and advanced anatomy

Christine Marie Saul, RN, compassionate Reiki Master and teacher

Susan Scott, CMT, caring teacher of basic Western and Asian massage

Hawayo Takata (pronounced ha-wah-yo ta-kah-tah), graciously introduced Reiki to the West

Mikao Usui (pronounced me-ka-oh oo-su-ey), esteemed founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing

Special thanks to my editor, Anna Sullivan, to my family for their encouragement, and to my clients for their helpful feedback.

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