March 18, 2007

Practitioners: Open Conduits for Health and Well Being

Reiki Massage Practitioners let go of egotistical expectations and judgments, allowing energy to flow more freely. There is an opening, awareness and balancing of universal life-forces for the highest good. Seeking energy in harmony with the client’s intention is the focus of Reiki Massage.

Practitioners are relaxed, using minimal effort and ease of pressure, while positioning hands according to the client’s intention and related energy pathways or chakras (pronounced shock-ruzz). The Practitioner’s hands detect energy and muscular imbalances, and apply appropriate techniques. The experienced Practitioner is able to stimulate energy flow in stagnant, cold or deficient areas and to disperse flow in areas of excess energy. This is not as difficult as it may seem.

Like Tai-Chi, the Practitioner moves calmly and with focus. The pace is generally slow, as the Practitioner undetectably shifts weight from one grounded foot to another in the smooth transition of long strokes and Reiki holds. The Practitioner is mindful of the client’s comfort and self-ease, coordinating breathing with movements and expressing gratitude to Reiki guides and the client.

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