March 18, 2007

Code of Ethics: Moral Principles and Practices for Reiki Massage Therapists

Conduct your activities within the law and in a professional manner

  • Engage in no illegal or immoral activities with clients
  • Avoid sexual intentions, contact, comments and innuendos
  • Refrain from conduct which might be construed as inappropriate
  • Do not use any mind-altering drugs before or during professional services
  • Keep up a professional appearance in yourself and your work environment
  • Honor the values and beliefs of others, as well as your own way of being
  • Inform the client as to what might occur, at the beginning and end of each session
  • Maintain client confidentiality, respecting the client’s right to privacy

Do no harm to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of yourself and others

  • Replace negative thoughts, worries and anger with truth, love and compassion
  • Practice loving-kindness in thoughts, words and behaviors, knowing Reiki will do no harm
  • Avoid forceful and manipulative techniques which may be invasive to the client
  • Respect the client’s boundaries, as well as those of your own
  • Treat yourself and each client with courtesy, empathy and dignity
  • Provide proper draping, to ensure safety and comfort of the client
  • Work in coordination with other health care professionals for the client’s highest good
  • Maintain good health habits and help clients and others to do likewise

Respect the client, yourself and the oneness of all life

  • Relax, in mind and body, and open to the flow of Reiki
  • Apply appropriate physical, emotional and mental Reiki symbols
  • Be sincere and use good judgment in the application of Reiki Massage
  • Give full attention to the client’s body language and emotional releases
  • Understand the psychology of therapeutic relationships and power differentials
  • Stay clear and focused on the client’s intention, letting go of your ego
  • Remain open to results, rather than directing or being attached to them
  • Avoid sharing insights, unless the client requests such
  • Express appropriate thanks, truthfulness and authentic feelings, without betraying promises

Promote unity of mind, body and spirit

  • Communicate the Usui methods of natural healing, including harmony with higher powers
  • Express the interconnectedness of all beings, and explain the essence of Reiki Massage
  • Move gradually, joyfully and sensitively, for the client’s ease,in an energetic circuit
  • Use a gentle and firm touch, being aware of client’s physical and psychological boundaries
  • Support the client’s unfolding in a manner that is responsive and comfortable
  • Listen to, feel, and observe senses and intuitions of yourself and your client in the present
  • Be patient and minimize stress by keeping anger and worry at bay
  • Eliminate thoughts and practices that are a barrier to superior performance
  • Thank your Reiki lineage and other higher powers for their ethical guidance

Provide the highest quality service to each client, demonstrating no prejudice

  • Recognize the individuality, beauty and worth of all people and all faiths
  • Acknowledge the value, grace and splendor in each individual, without discrimination
  • Avoid sexist, racist, homophobic, greedy or destructive thoughts
  • Develop a heightened sense of self-accountability, while releasing judgments of self and others
  • Practice deep caring, being attentive, supportive and nurturing
  • Perform in a prayerful, self-motivated, and humble manner
  • Trust in Reiki and your inner guidance toward well being at all levels
  • Assume responsibility for situations, and encourage clients to be responsible for themselves
  • Empower each client for self healing and moral development
  • Show gratitude for the client’s uniqueness and contributions to the session

Follow professional business practices and exceed expectations

  • Organize your work, and systematically maintain client schedules and accurate records
  • Use professional business cards and stationery, and return calls promptly
  • Practice truth in advertising, properly explaining the value of Reiki Massage
  • Charge a fair price for your services, being both modest and generous
  • Keep others informed of your services through mailings, computers and presentations
  • Represent your qualifications and abilities factually, and make referrals as appropriate
  • Make neither diagnoses nor prescriptions, maintaining appropriate scope of work
  • Keep your professional and private lives separate, being sensitive and forthright
  • Maintain Reiki Massage principles, in addition to your integrity

Continuously assess and improve your professional training and excellence

  • Periodically evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and desired areas of growth
  • Set performance goals and take action for self improvement, in a timely manner
  • Practice healing yourself, learning from both positive and negative experiences
  • Enhance your qualifications, knowledge and skills, contributing further to the profession
  • Use only techniques which are for the client’s highest good, avoiding unwanted surprises
  • Work on your own ease, integrity and trust in Reiki
  • Maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being
  • Thank yourself for taking principled action and causing no harm

Work with organizations and individuals to improve your profession

  • Educate the public to eliminate negative concepts and to raise the profession’s image
  • Let physicians and others know of your professional services and high business standards
  • Value other professionals, regardless of organizational affiliations
  • Show compassion for those who would cast doubt on the profession
  • Maintain alliances with other health care professionals
  • Participate in public events which promote client wellness and enhance the profession
  • Build and maintain a good reputation through loyalty, honesty and integrity
  • Serve the well being of all, and express gratitude for help toward the highest good
  • Keep up to date on professional developments, while appraising your own competencies

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