March 18, 2007

How to Use this Guidebook

This text is not intended to be read cover-to-cover at a single time. Take from this guide only those portions that resonate with you and the client’s intention and highest good. The methods presented are meant to complement, and not be a substitute for, appropriate medical care.

Use this information to support your self and the client. For example, 1) think of an intention or desired state of being, 2) look up that intention for a suggested practice or attitude, 3) based on the client’s intention and symptoms, look up the related chakra, 4) based on the chakra and its associated element, choose appropriate sounds, visualizations, colors, aromas and affirmations; the latter is optional, but cognitively important, and 5) offer a prayer for protection and well being, activating the Reiki symbols. In a session, these things can be done while the client is getting on the massage table. Once you are familiar with and apply these guidelines, then trust that Reiki and the client will do the healing.

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