March 18, 2007

Ethics: Questions and Answers

Q. I’ve heard Reiki Massage described as a kind of “talk and touch therapy.” Is the talk part counseling or psychotherapy?
A. No, but empathetic listening is important. A successful Practitioner provides warmth, understanding and a trusting environment for the client to explore, clarify and take responsibility for healing. Clients with complex psychological difficulties, such as unhealthy addictions and chronic depression, would be referred to an appropriate mental health expert.

Q. Does a Reiki Massage Practitioner respect client privacy in ways that are different from therapeutic massage?
A. Yes. In addition to observing appropriate physical and emotional boundaries, the Practitioner senses subliminal energy boundaries and is mindful of communication on an energetic level. As with therapeutic massage, verbal and nonverbal communication is blended with ethics and business practices.

Q. If a client is pregnant, is it safe to give her Reiki Massage?
A. Yes, Reiki Massage is gentle and harmless for both the mother and the fetus. However, it is best if the client’s health care provider is consulted before the session.

Q. For the best effect, how often should clients receive Reiki Massage?
A. Favorable results are achieved when the duration and strength of Reiki release energy blocks to health, which could occur in just one session or take a number of months. Ask clients to trust their body as to the frequency of getting Reiki Massage and suggest that they schedule appointments as often as they feel that it is beneficial..

Q. What are the limits or contraindications of Reiki Massage?
A. Reiki Massage is about maximizing health and wholeness, working with genetic, environmental and physical conditions. As with any hands-on bodywork, areas of acute pathology are to be physically avoided. However, energy work is often advised, without physical contact, in these situations.

Q. Is it alright to give Reiki Massage when the Practitioner is emotionally upset or depleted of energy?
A. No, unless the Practitioner’s distress is being managed, such as with self treatment or Reiki Massage from another Practitioner.

Q. Do I need to have a certain gift to be a Reiki Massage Practitioner?
A. No. All people have the gift of intuition, to trust and guide your hands. The discipline and skill of Reiki Massage is something that you learn with practice, rather than a gift that you are born with. Avoid assuming the identity of a gifted healer, remembering that you are simply an energy conduit.

Q. Do I need the attunements, along with knowing the symbols, to be a Reiki Massage Practitioner?
A. Attunements activate a divine consciousness, open the palm chakras, and help to strengthen the effect of universal life-force energy for health and well being. Ethically, do not call your self a Reiki Massage Practitioner unless you have received the Reiki Master certification and state massage license.

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