March 18, 2007

Overview: What is Reiki Massage

Reiki Massage is a coordinated facilitation of the body’s energy flows, guided by the client’s intention.

Sessions begin with clients describing what they want to feel, along with associated physical and emotional conditions; and the Reiki Massage Practitioner explaining that energy and touch will be guided by the client’s intention throughout the session. The Practitioner leaves the room and prayerfully prepares for bodywork, while the client properly disrobes and gets on the massage table. The session continues with the Practitioner, together with the client, imagining being in a safe place, followed by a sense of transition toward the intention, and concluded by a feeling of renewal and successful outcome.

The Practitioner combines appropriate massage modalities with hand positions at the client’s energy centers or chakras. Aromas, sounds and words, aligned with the intention, may be seamlessly incorporated. The client accepts responsibility for healing.

Reiki is subtle, yet powerful. This life-force energy is present everywhere and governs our bodies. It modifies the vibratory level of energy for healing and wholeness. Like cell phones, it uses frequencies and energies that we cannot see. Reiki follows the client’s intention.

Reiki Massage combines ancient Asian philosophy of life-sustaining processes and circulation of energy with Western understanding of body structure and function. It brings together universal energy with the client’s energy, balancing body, mind and spirit.

Reiki Massage stimulates or sedates unbalanced or stagnant energy flows, so the Practitioner focuses on energy flow rather than trying to force or fix anything. The Practitioner is alert, relaxed and an open conduit of healing energies. The Practitioner trusts that the client’s body knows where the vital force is most needed.

Reiki Massage promotes a calming, yet revitalizing effect. It is gentle and safe. Benefits include stress reduction, deep relaxation, and an overall sense of health and well being. Tight muscles, headaches, PMS, fatigue and digestive disorders respond especially well to Reiki Massage.

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