March 18, 2007

Benefits: Questions and Answers

Q. How can Reiki Massage bring ease to the body, emotions and spirit?
A. Neural receptors in every muscle help to bring awareness of physical-psychological connections and to consciously feel better, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki Massage also helps to ease body - emotions - spirit relationships by balancing the flow of energy. It is through the body, combined with supportive words, breathing, aromas, sounds and images that the whole being is affected.

Q. How can Reiki Massage reduce stress and calm the mind?
A. Reiki brings harmony to over stimulated and congested areas of the body’s energy. Massage produces a more relaxed state and helps to release endorphins which produce a naturally calming effect. Reiki Massage combines these effects, in a comfortable environment, for stress reduction.

Q. How can Reiki Massage improve the body’s strength and endurance?
A. Energy blocks are released, circulation of vital fluids is increased, and the mind-emotions-spirit components are aligned with suggested affirmations, visualizations and sensual feedback from the body.

Q. How can Reiki Massage increase flexibility and reduce risk of injury?
A. Energy restrictions in joints are reduced, while tight tendons and ligaments are lengthened. Energy is balanced, muscle and bone attachments are gently stretched, and visualizations of movements with grace and ease are effectively combined in Reiki Massage. This results in greater flexibility and range of motion, which makes joints and muscles less prone to injury.

Q. How can Reiki Massage assist healing and improve the immune system and functioning of organs?
A. Reiki Massage promotes a sense of well being and helps balance the parasympathetic nervous system. It stimulates neurochemicals which cause the secretion of revitalizing and immunizing hormones. Guided breathing and movement of muscles stimulate lymph flow, increase oxygenation of blood and help organs, especially the lungs and heart, to work with less effort.

Q. If clients do not believe in energy healing, will Reiki Massage be of benefit to them?
A. Definitely, as Reiki works even on skeptics as long as they have a clear intention. Empirical support of intentions effecting subtle energy is offered in “W.A.Tiller’s “Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness,” Pavior, 1997.

Q. Is Reiki Massage more mental/psychological or physical/chemical?
A. It is a balance of the two. Reiki Massage emphasizes the union, not separation, of mental and physical healing modalities. It recognizes that there are electromagnetic influences on the mind and body, and offers appropriate guidance.

Q. Does Reiki Massage exhaust the Practitioner?
A. No, the flow of Reiki is not depleting. In fact, fatigue from the Practitioner’s physical effort may be offset by the channeled energy, which can result in a revitalized feeling.

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